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Doc Walker - Forgive Me (for Giving A Damn) (Chord)
Album: Everyone Aboard (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (354) on 11/13/04 11 comments
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Forgive Me (for Giving A Damn)
By Doc Walker
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Em  D       C       D     Em 	 
  I was the one who was undone 
         D         C
Till you picked me up
Em     D       C       D           Em  
So how did you fall so far from it all
            D       C
Thought you were my rock
Am            B
So why do you push me away

    Em        C              G            D
I'm not gonna stand here and watch you go down
  Em           C          G             D
I love you too much, no I won’t let you drown
       Em              C         G          D  
And it just comes with being the man that I am
      A           B                    Em 
So forgive me, forgive me for giving a damn

Listen to me, I can't compete
With this trip your on
And if you decide to take that ride
I won't come along
Cause I know just where it leads


  Em        G              D          C
I know your scared and you just wanna run
           Am                           B
Cause I've been there I know where your coming from

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I don't have a copy of the music, and I rarely hear it on the radio, so can anybody help me out with the strumming pattern?
-Zuljin | 1/19/2005
chord progression is wrong (sorry)
it should be Em D C D for the verse
(I have the CD - it's good by the way)
-doctorben | 1/20/2005
Are you sure about this chord,it doesn't sound right to me ???

A [ B ?] Em
So forgive me, forgive me for giving a damn
-brankrist | 1/29/2005
OK guys, I revisited this and everyone was right - note to self -
don't drop acid and tab a song (kidding). I fixed the verses and the
B was actuall a C (good catch). I am not infallible - thanks!

-lmofle | 1/29/2005
The lyrics on the chorus are "I know that your sinking, no I won't let you drown"
-cool_hand459 | 2/20/2005
On the music video for "Forgive me" the guitar player is using Am,C,G,D
-Guitar_God1 | 3/11/2005
Remember that what you see is not
necessarily what is recorded...

-lmofle | 3/11/2005
Just wanted to give a littel FYI for those interested. I have two versions of this song downloaded to my computer and the lyrics for the chorus are different in both versions. So for the record the author of this tab and cool_hand459 are both correct.
-Lady_Rain_n_Mav | 3/30/2005
I figured as much - Mindy Smith had one of
those - thanks for clearing it up...

-lmofle | 3/30/2005
The bridge goes like:

Em Bm G C Am B7
Em D G C Am B7

And at the end of the verses before it goes to B7 it goes to Asus:
-Ibanez88 | 4/2/2005
good tab, just one correction... in the song they actually say "i know that your sinking, i wont let you drown".
-brandtfan | 9/24/2005
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