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Dolly Parton - Blue Valley Songbird (Chord)
Album: Hungry Again (1998)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (56) on 1/17/14
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 3,814
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Blue Valley Songbird
Written & Recorded by Dolly Parton

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(C) / / |(C)(D) / |(D)(G)(D)|(G) / / |(G) / /

She was (G)born in a (D)place called (G)Blue Valley
At the (C)foot of the Tennessee (G) hills
With the (C)blue birds and blue bells, and (G)blue mountain water
And the (A)sound of the Blue Whippoor-(D)will

But (G)there was no (D)peace in the (G)valley
Her (C)daddy, a cruel, (G)ruthless man
(C)Used and abused her (G)mind and her (Em)body
So her (G)mama said (D)run while you (G)can

So at (G)fifteen she (D)took to the (G)highway
Be-(C)longings and guitar in (G) hand
And she (C)buried herself in her (G) mu-(Em)sic
The (G)one thing she (D)did under-(G)stand

And she (G)sings like a (B)bird and she (C) writes like a (G)poet
Her voice has that high, lone-(D)some sound
She (G)hurts, and her (B)songs are the (C)best way to (G)show it
So the (C)Blue Valley (G)songbird keeps (D) traveling a-(G)round

Solo:  |(C)Hmm |(G)hmm |(D)hmm |(G)hmm |(G) |

(G)She hopes (D)someday she will (G)make it
And (C)everyone says that (G)she will
When (C)she comes to town, (G)crowds flock around
To see the (A)girl from the Tennessee (D)hills

She writes her (G)letter back (D)home to her (G) mama
In (C)care of the preacher in (G)town
They're (C)sacred to her so she (G) reads them at (Em)church
And so her (G)daddy can-(D)not track her (G) down

And she (G)sings like a (B)bird and she (C)cries like a (G)baby
Whenever she turns off the (D)lights
She's a (G)whole lot (B)lonesome and a (C) little bit (G)crazy
From (C)mem'ries and (G)miseries and (D)dreams gone a-(G)wry

(G)Blue dress, (B)blue shoes, a (C) blue Cadil-(G)lac
A band dressed in blue by her (D) side
(G)Instruments (B)tied to the (C) top and the (G)back
'Cause the (C)Blue Valley (G)songbird is (D)singing to-(G)night

(G)One nighters, (B)honky tonks, (C)years flying (G)by
(C)She never (G)made it, but (D)Lord knows she (G)tries
Expressing the (B)feelings (C)she holds in-(G)side
And the (C)Blue Valley (G)songbird is (D)singing to-(G)night

Oh, the (C)Blue Valley (G)songbird is (D)singing to-(G)night
And she (G)sings --- like a (B)bird --- and she (C)writes --- like a poet (G) -----
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