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Dolly Parton - Shinola (Chord)
Album: Backwoods Barbie (2007)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (392) on 8/9/10 1 comment
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Written & Recorded by Dolly Parton

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  (D) x 8 bars

You gotta (D)snazzy new car in your driveway, ex-(G)pensive new clothes on your (D)back
Every short skirt on the highway has (A)spent time in your bachelor pad
We (D)dance and you look o'er my shoulder and (G)make eyes at somebody (D)else
You (G)swear that you're not, but you (D)know that's a crock, 'cause (A)you only care for your-(D)self

Your (D)attitude stinks and I hate it, you're ar-(G)rogant, cocky and (D)rude
You're selfish, conceited and jaded, (A)everything's all about you
You (D)think that I'm lucky to have you, you (G)think you're so handsome, (D)so what?
I'm (G)callin' you out 'cause I (D)don't need this crap, I'm (A)gettin' myself out (D)of Dodge

'Cause (D)you don't know love from Shinola, with (G)you, love is not what I (D)found
A woman needs someone to hold her, not (Em)someone to just lay (A)her down
(D)I want someone I can count on, a (G)cool head, a warm heart and (D)shoulder
To (D)cry on, rely on, to-(D)day and from now on, but (A)you don't know love from (D)Shinola

Inst.:  | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D) You don't know love |
        | (D)  | (D)  | (Em) from Shin- | (A)ola  |
        | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (A)  | (D)

Oh, but (G)I gave you love and af-(D)fection, but (A)you never gave one i-(D)ota
(G)It was an early de-(D)tection that (Em)you don't know love from Shin-(A)o-(G) (F#m)la (Em)

(D)You don't know love from Shinola, you (G)don't know what true love's a-(D)bout
'Cause you'll find your world growin' colder (Em)when you're alone and with-(A)out
So go (D)on, lover boy, have a big time, drink (G)up on your bourbon and (D)cola
When (G)you sober up you'll be bleep (D) out of luck, 'Cause (A)you don't know love from Shin-(D)ola

I'm (G)in it for love but you're just (D)playin' (Bm)stud, 'cause (A)you don't know love from Shin-(D)ola

Inst.:  (D) x 8 bars

(D)You don't know love, you don't know love, you don't know love from Shinola
Oh, you don't know love from Shinola, you don't know love, you don't know love ----- to fade

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Thanks for the chords... and for the chords on all the other requests ive made that you've done.. They're fab!! :O)
-ryancarr92 | 8/9/2010
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