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Dustin Lynch - All Night (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (38) on 3/10/15
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All Night
Written by Matt Ramsey, Matt Jenkins & Trevor Rosen
Recorded by Dustin Lynch
Album: Where It's At (2014)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(G)(Em)|(C)(G)| x 2

(G)Hand me down gui-(Em)tar, (C)handful of (G)friends
Park in the (Em)dark, where the (C)road dead (G)ends
With the trunk (Em)popped up open and the music (C)blowing out the J-(G)BLs
Just popping (Em)them tops, yeah we were shooting (C)off like a shot-(G)gun shell saying

(Em)Beer before (D)liquor, yeah you've (C)never been (G)sicker
(Em)Cops were pretty (D)quick, yeah, but (C)we were always (G)quicker
(Em)Burning up the (D)road 'til the (C)tank ran (G)dry
Just (Em)down home (D)boys staying (C)up all (G)night

Solo:  |(G)(Em)|(C)(G) ---

(G)Fake I-(Em)D, (C)worn out (G)boots
And they can't tell me (Em)nothing kind of (C)atti-(G)tude
Got a styro-(Em)foam cup, gonna fill it on (C)up with a little (G)bit of whiskey
Just talking (Em)that smack, gonna take it out (C)back, who's com-(G)ing with me?

(Em)Beer before (D)liquor, yeah you've (C)never been (G) sicker
(Em)Find yourself (D)a girl, get her (C)number, maybe (G) kiss her
(Em)Got a pack (D)of Swishers, any-(C)body got (G)a light?
Just (Em)down home (D)boys staying (C)up all (G)night

Solo:  |(Em)(D)|(C)(G)| x 2

(G)Who-(Em)a, (C)ye-(G)ah, who-(Em)a, (C)ye-(G)ah

(G) That four (Em)on the floor, try to leave a little (C)more than a mark (G)on a blacktop
(G) With the world (Em)on the string, we were living like (C)kings of a run (G)down map dot

(Em)Beer before (D) liquor, yeah you've (C)never been (G) sicker
Cops (Em) were pret-(D)ty quick, yeah, but (C)we were al-(G)ways quicker
(Em)Burning up (D)the road 'til the (C)tank ran (G)dry
Just (Em)down home (D)boys staying (C)up all (G)night

(Em)Down home (D)boys staying (C)up all (G)night
(G)Who-(Em)a, (C)ye-(G)ah, whoa, (Em) staying (C)up all (G)night
Who-(Em)a, (C)ye-(G)ah, who-(Em)a (C) (G) ----- 
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