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Dustin Lynch - Hurricane (Chord)
Album: Dustin Lynch (2012)
Submitter: lmofle (14) on 6/24/12 1 comment
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By Dustin Lynch
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

This song may sound harder than it really is - the verses are nothing but 
walk-ups while he picks the bass note. See a lesson I did a long time ago about 

Am/B - X20210 (you are walking up from the Am to the C here)
C/D  - X30010 (there is a hammer-on the 2nd fret when he plays this chord)
Dm/E - XX2031 (you are walking up from the Dm to the F here)

Capo 5

Am  Am/B  C  C/D  F

Am Am/B      C   C/D  F
I  knew when she flew in she wouldn't stay
      Am  Am/B C    C/D F
Every now and  then God makes one that-a-way
    Am  Am/B    C    C/D         F                          Dm
The red-haired, wild-child, with storms in her eyes. I knew I'd never be the same

                         Am       F                         C        G
That's the thing about a hurricane, she's all lightnin' and wind and rain
                           Am     F           C               G
Get's you close and you're swept away. better hold on till it breaks
             Dm                         Dm/E             F 
Caues it's a hell of a ride, if you can just survive the pain
                         Am  Am/B  C  C/D  F
That's the thing about a hurricane

She said she was a runnin' from her past
Every breath she stole felt like my last
And her kiss told me 'better get outta there', but I was too far to care


    Am      Am/B        Dm 
Now even in blue skies, there ain't no forgettin
Am        Am/B        Dm
Is it any wonder they name em after women

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Yep, this is a nice song to practice walk ups. I do offer a few corrections to the lyrics.

It's not "flew in" is "blew in". Hurricanes don't fly in they blow in.

There is no "The" before "Red haired wild child..."

And it's not "better get outta there" it's actually "better get on outta here"

Love the song.
-kozakvod | 12/8/2013
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