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Dustin Lynch - Middle Of Nowhere (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2) on 9/11/14
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Middle Of Nowhere
Written by Dustin Lynch, Zach Crowell 7 Ashley Gorley
Recorded by Dustin Lynch
Album: Where It's At (2014)

(Capo on 4)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)| x 2

(G) Is that a green (D)light? Is that a stop sign? (Bm) I don't know (A)which way that you want me to go
(G) Trying to look (D)deep in your blue eyes, (Bm) do I (A)lean on in or just leave it alone?

(G) It's like I'm lost (D)in a hundred acre field, no (Bm)map and I've got (A)no lights
(G) Wondering what (D)kind of friends you wanna be, I'm (Bm)wishing I could (A)read your mind

(G)Baby, what you mean (D)when you smile like that, when you (Bm)take my hat (A) and turn it around
And you (G) pull me close (D)and you push me back, look a-(Bm)way and laugh, (A) I can't figure out
If you (G)want my kiss (D) or if I'm reading too much (Bm)into this, (A)
   you playing with your pretty (G)brown hair
I (D)wanna go there, no it ain't (Bm)fair, how you got me (A)stuck out in the middle of (G)nowhere

Solo:  / (D) / |(Bm)(A)|

(G) Do you want (D)me like I want you, (Bm) or is this (A)just how you treat all the (G)guys?
Are you a little (D)tease or are you (Bm)into me, (A) is this is a game you play, oh, give me a sign
(G) It's like I'm lost (D)in a town I've never been be-(Bm)fore, just driving a-(A)round
(G) Girl, you've gotta (D)help me out, gotta tell me which (Bm)roads you want me to (A)go down

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(G)(D)|(Bm)(A)| x 2

I'm (G)out here wonder-(D)ing where to go, (Bm)doing nothing but it's (A)just a dead end road
So (G)here I go, leaning (D)in, nice and slow, (Bm) I just (A)gotta know

Repeat Chorus

(D) (Bm) No, don't (A)leave me in the middle of (G)nowhere (D) (Bm) (A)
I just wanna (G)kiss you all the (D)time, girl I wanna (Bm)go there (A)
Baby, would it (G)be alright, (D) oh, I'm so (Bm)lost tonight (A)
Out here in the middle of (G)nowhere

Outro.  / (D) / |(Bm)(A)|(G)(D)|(Bm)(A) -----
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