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Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back - Capo 2 (Chord)
Album: Easton Corbin (2010)
Submitter: thedrummer105 (1) on 2/28/11 2 comments
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Easton Corbin
I Just Can't Love You Back
Album - Easton Corbin  2010

Tabbed by: thedrummer105

I know it looks crazy.. but its easier than it reads.  For the most part you keep your pinky, ring,
 and middle finger in the A position and play off it.  The quick chord change between the A and A5,
 F#m7 and F#/A5, D/A and D/A5 is simply picking up your pinky finger.  Some of the chords I wasn't 
for sure what to name them as, so I gave the fingerings as well.  Also, my laptop doesn't have the best 
speakers, so there may be some deviation on the last stanza of the verses.  
ENJOY!!  I love playing this song!


A        x02220
A5       x02200
F#m7     202220
F#/A5      202200
D/A      xx0220
D/A5       xx0200
D5       xx0230
E7       020100
A     A5   A    F#m7    F#/A5   F#m7     D/A  D/A5   D/A   A   A5   A

         A            A5     A
I can love you in the morning
         F#m7     F#/A5  F#m7
I can love you all day
        D/A             D/A5   D/A           A   A5    A
I can love you even more when I get home
        A            A5    A
I can love you every second
      F#m7       F#/A5  F#m7
To the ends of the Earth
      D/A                 D/A5    D/A        A
Where needing you's the only thing that's on
       F#m7           A
My broken on track mind

Girl I love you crazy 
It comes so easy
 D5    E7    A
After all we had
I can love you with all my heart but, 
The hardest part is
   D5         E7       A     A5   A     F#m7   F#/A5   F#m7
I just can't love you back

I could write a thousand letters
Call a hundred times a day
Or try to drown my sorrow at the bar
I could go down to the church 
Get on my knees and pray
But it still won't change the way things really are
Won't bring you back again

Repeat Chorus
I can love you for all I'm worth
To the ends of the Earth
       D5         E7           A      (play intro as outro)
But I just can't love you back
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Correct Chord Names

A x02220
Asus2 x02200
F#m7 202220
A6add9 202200
Dmaj9 xx0220
D6add9 xx0200
Dsus2 xx0230
E7 020100

-BrianEarlHaines | 2/28/2011
Thanks for the chord names!
-thedrummer105 | 2/28/2011
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