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Eddie Rabbitt - You Don't Love Me Anymore (Chord)
Album: Country Classics By Eddie Rabbitt (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (19) on 11/15/02
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You Donít Love Me Anymore
By Eddie Rabbitt

The numbers on the frets indicate what fret to press on.

         Bar Chord  Bar Chord
 Dmaj7      Bm7       C#m7      Amaj7      Dm7
E--2--|   E--2--|    E--4--|   E--4--|   E--1--|
B--2--|   B--3--|    B--5--|   B--2--|   B--1--|
G--2--|   G--2--|    G--4--|   G--2--|   G--2--|
D--0--|   D--4--|    D--6--|   D--2--|   D--0--|
A-----|   A--2--|    A--2--|   A--0--|   A-----|
E-----|   E-----|    E-----|   E-----|   E-----|

Or to simplify it you could play D, C#m, Bm, and A
Instead of those chords above but it does sound more 
accurate with the above chords.

Dmaj7               C#m7 
Itíd be a lie to say Iím not gonna miss you
So please donít say goodbye now 
Amaj7                            Bm7
Till Iíve kissed you one more time
    Dmaj7         Dm7               Amaj7 
And held you as I did when you were mine

Itíd be a lie to say I donít still love you
I wonít be thinking of you girl
Iíll never try to call you one more time
Or try to find a way to change your mind

F#m  A   D       E      

          A              F#m 
You donít love me anymore,   Oh baby
          Bm7              E
You donít love me anymore, baby, please forgive me
Dmaj7   C#m7              Bm7    C#m7
But the wineís gone to my head
        Dmaj7        Dm7           Bm               Em 
And tomorrow Iíll remember how you turned to me and said

Itíd be a lie to say that I still love you
That Iíll be thinking of you boy
Iíll drive by to say hello sometime
But now youíre gone and all I have is five words on my mind

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