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Eliza Gilkyson - Borderline (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (90) on 3/2/18
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 1,015
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Eliza Gilkyson.
Album: Paradise Hotel.

(Could be A6 OR A/E - B7 OR B/A)

Intro: E B7 E
E              A6
Baby baby, I'm playing it cool,
       E                       B7
Like a lovestruck girl from my old high school,
You taste so sweet.

E                  A6
I'm trying hard to follow my rules,
      E                         B7
Cause I don't want to be one of those,
Forlorn fools out on the street.
E              A6              E
Ah but I could fall I know you could too,
      B7                      E
Right over the line you could be mine,
          A6                       E
But we're doing the dance that two lovers, 
                A6          B/A
Do when they're out of time,
       E A6 E B/A E    A/E E B/A E
On the bor.....derline.

Babe I don't want you to see me this way,
A6 E                    B/A               
So vulnerable I give my heart away,
And it makes me weak,
E                  A6
Used to be I was a Rock of Gibraltar, 
      E                   B/A
Now I stumble all over my feet,
And I falter when I try to speak.

A6                     E
Out on the edge of the great divide, 
    B/A               E
The unspeakable chasm between us,
And the places we run to though,
    E                       B/A  A6
But we cannot hide from the neon sign,
       E A6 E B/A E    A E A E
On the bor.....derline.

        A6                                E
I don't want to waste anymore time around here, 
                     A6         E
If no one's going to throw me a heart line,
    A6                          E
But it might be the right thing to, 
               A6     B/A
Just disappear by the morning time,
       E A6 E B/A E    A E B A6 E
On the bor.....derline
E        E A6 E B/A E   A E B E
From the bor.....derline.

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