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Emmylou Harris - Slow Surprise (Chord)
Submitter: Buckaru2 (0) on 2/4/10
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 5,362
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Slow Surprise written by Chris Smither  
(this attempts to follow the Emmylou Harris version)

Am    G    F     Am    G    F

           C                  Am                       
There is a way that subtle changes come to stay 
        F               Am
Barely noticed, hardly known
                C           Am
One day you'll say my situation's locked away 
          F                 Am
But by tomorrow you're all alone 
              C               F              Am
It seems so sudden, but it's not, it's only grown 
        C              G              F             Am
From a seed that long ago was left forgotten in the snow 
           C               F              Am
And has a way with slow surprises all its own  
              C                 Am                         
It's hard to show, but like a boulder rolling slow 
      F                   Am
Or a rumble deep in the ground 
         C                      Am
Things whisper low and by the time I really know 
              F                      Am
What's been moving, they've settled down 
     C               F                    Am
Too late to see the way they're shifting round 
         C               G            F       Am
Too late to say there's bound to be another way 
               C        F               Am
It's all been said and done without a sound  

(Break for instrumental similar to intro):  Am  G  F   Am  G  F

              C                    Am
This comes to me, and now that I begin to see 
           F                       Am
It's not dramatic, it's nothing grand 
          C               Am
I used to be half of the whole of you and me 
             F              Am
Now I'm the limit of all I am 
              C              F            Am
It seems so simple, nothing much to understand 
             C                 G                  F          Am
You walked out and closed the door, said I don't live here anymore 
          C                 F           Am
And now nothing's hanging' heavy in my hands 
      C                 F          Am
Now nothing's hanging heavy in my hands
       C                 Am
In my hand       in my hands
            F                 Am
Nothing's hanging heavy in my hands

C  Am    F Am    C Am    C F Am    C G F Am    C Am
(that is, repeat the verse chords)
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