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Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell - The Traveling Kind (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (386) on 6/8/15 1 comment
Month Views: 82 | Total Views: 13,943
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The Traveling Kind
Written by Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris & Cory Chisel
Recorded by Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
Album: The Traveling Kind (2015)

(Copo on 1)

Intro.:  |(F)(C/E)|(Am) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(C) |(C)

We don't (Am)all die (G)young to (F)save (G/D)our (C)spark
From the (Am)ravag-(G)es of (F)time
But the (Am)first and (G)last to (F)leave (G)their (C)mark
Some-(F)day (C/E)be-(Am)come the (G)traveling (C)kind

In the (Am)wind are (G)names of (F)po-(G)ets (C)past
Some were (Am)friends of (G)yours and (F)mine
And to (Am)those un-(G)sung, we (F)lift (G)our (C)glass
May their (F)songs (C/E)be-(Am)come the (G)traveling (C)kind

Solo:  |(Am) |(G) |(F)(G)|(C) |(Am) |(G) |(F) |(F) |
       |(Am) |(G) |(F)(G)|(C) |(Am)(G)|(Am) |(G) |(C) |(C)

We were (Am)born to (G)brave this (F)tilted (G) (C)world 
With our (Am)hearts laid (G)on the (F)line
Be it (Am)way-crossed (G)boy or (F)red (G)dirt (C)girl
The (F)song (C/E)be-(Am)comes the (G)traveling (C)kind

There are (Am)mountains (G)worth their (F)weight (G)in (C)gold
Mere (Am)mortals (G)dare not (F)climb
Come ye (Am)tipsy, (G)sainted, (F)sin-(Am)ners (C)both 
And (F)claim (C/E)them (Am)for the (G)traveling (C)kind

Solo:  |(Am) |(G) |(F)(G)|(C) |(Am) |(G) |(F) |(F) |
       |(Am) |(G) |(F)(G)|(C) |(Am)(G)|(Am) |(G) |(C) |(C) |(C) |(C)

When the (Am)music (G)slowly (F)starts (G)to (C)fade
Into the (Am)light's last (G) soft de-(F)cline
Let us (Am)lie down (G)in that (F)evening (C)shade
And (F)rest (C/E)a-(Am)mooing the (G)traveling (Am)kind |(Am) |(Am) |(Am)

And the (F)song (C/E)goes (Am)on for the (G)traveling (C)kind

Outro.:  |(Am) |(G) |(F)(G)|(C) |(F)(G)|(Am) |(G) |(C) ----- 
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Thank you!!!
-wmchoi | 6/14/2015
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