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Eric Heatherly - Didn't Mean A Thing (Chord)
Submitter: eric wilson (1) on 2/22/04 2 comments
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Eric Heatherly - Didn't Mean a Thing 

Chords by: eric wilson
Chord shapes:

Am= x02210       D/A=x00323       D/F#= 200323

D7sus2= xx0210   C7M9/G= 320010   D= xx0323

C= x32010        D9/F#= 2x0210

G= 355433        F= 133211


Verse 1:
Am               C7M9/G
Hey Mr. why'd ya play that song
D7sus2                D9/F#
Till I heard it I was gettin' along
Am                       C7M9/G
Why'd ya have to take me to that place
D                           D/A
And make me think about her smilin' face
Am                      C7M9/G
How she used to make me laugh out loud
D7sus2                     D/A            Am
Kiss me in the middle of a down town crowd
Talk dirty to me on the phone
D              D/F#
Then I woke up alone

             C           F
And it's like water to a drowning man
C      F
 I.O.U written in sand
C                     F                      G           
 Tryin' to beat three ace's with a couple of kings.
      C                F
Yeah,  Round trip on a run away train
C                 F
A Hand shake from Saddam Hussein
C               F                  G
Sweet dreams of love and a wedding ring
                 Am  C7M9/G  D9/F#                  
Didn't mean a thing    
                    Am  C7M9/G    D  D/F# 
It Didn't mean a thing,  no ooo ooo

Verse 2:
Am                     C7M9/G
Said she was the answer to my prayers
D7sus2                  D9/F#
As she ran her fingers through my hair
Am                     C7M9/G
She told me that I was second to none
D                         D/A        Am(hammer into chord)
She promised me the stars one by one
She had me goin' from the day we met
D7sus2              D/F#
Plans were made the date was set
         Am                     C7M9/G
Now it was picture perfect like Barbie and Ken
D                    D/F#
But this is now and that was then



Ending:(Outro solo)Am   C7M9/G   D9/F#     Am   C7M9/G   D9/F#         Am   C7M9/G   D9/F# (repeat till end)

(Spoken over the above chords)                    

Your cheques in the mail
That didn't mean a thing.
Mr. Clinton said he did not in hell.
That didn't mean a thing.
Didn't mean a thing!

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Excellent job!!!! Right on the money!
-WildCard76 | 2/23/2004
sounds great!! the only thing is it says mister clinton said he did not "inhale" (as in smoking a doobie)
-bwhitty | 5/25/2005
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