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Garth Brooks - I Don't Have To Wonder (Chord)
Album: Sevens (1997)
Submitter: kminer (3) on 3/8/02 8 comments
Month Views: 27 | Total Views: 9,554
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INTRO :  D 	 G 	 D 	 G 	 Bm  A   G   A    D

D              G
Drove to the church

D               G
In my suit and tie

D                   G
But I just couldn't bring myself

   A      D
To go inside

D          G
So I sat alone

   A                     Bm
In my truck across the street

Watched that chauffeur smokin' cigarettes

By that long white limousine

D               G
I could just imagine

         A             Bm
What was goin' on in there

Sunlight streamin' through the stained glass

And those flowers in her hair

    Bm                     D               A      
And in less time that it takes a tear to fall

   G                        D
Those bells rang loud as thunder

      G                     D
As they opened up the doors

         G            A                 D           
Now I don't have to wonder anymore 

D                 G
Laughin' and a cryin'

D                G
Tossin' that bouquet
D                        G
And when you got in that limo

        A         D 
I drove off the other way

D                   G
And I still don't know

                A        Bm
Why things happened like they did

But I parked that old pickup

On that lonesome river bridge

D                          G
I took your ring from my pocket

              A          Bm
And I held it one last time

Watched that diamond sparkle

    A                         D   G    A   D   G   A
I drew back and I let it fly

   Bm                      D              A      
And in less time that it takes a tear to fall

         G              D
Oh that old ring went under

     G                   D
And now it's gone for sure

         G           A          Bm
And I don't have to wonder anymore 

         G                  D
Well the angels sang like thunder

           G            D
As I felt myslef go under

         G            A           
Now I don't have to wonder anymore
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
awesome job, . . but I think
the lyrics are a little off, i think its lonesome river bed, . .
and as I found my self a wanderin' not felt myself go under, . .
but other than that awesome
-singlecarpenter | 2/1/2004
felt myself go under is correct. he committed suicide.
-txsixstringer | 3/13/2004
that doesnt have to mean he commited suicide!!!
-stead_fast | 6/3/2004
he definately killed himself
-rollins1230 | 2/17/2005
i thought he wuz gettin' baptized cause it said "the angels sang like thunder"
-Stratoman45 | 12/5/2005
hes a goner man..
-gorillas68 | 1/30/2009
-bellaandscrappy | 4/26/2010
hes correct its lonesome river bridge. he is on a bridge in the video as well
-Stang2416 | 6/25/2010
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