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Garth Brooks - Wolves (Chord)
Album: No Fences (2000)
Submitter: WildCard76 (103) on 5/7/03
Month Views: 22 | Total Views: 18,356
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Garth Brooks
From the CD: No Fences
1990 Capitol Records
Submitted by: Christopher R. (May 7, 2003)


Janu(D)ary's always (D/F#) bitter    
(G) But Lord, (Asus) this one beats (D) all (D/F#) (G) (Asus)     
The (D) wind ain't quit for (D/F#) weeks now                            
(G) And the drifts are ten feet (A) tall (Asus) (A)
(D/F#) I've been (G) all night drivin' heifers (Bm)               
(A) Closer in to lower (Bm) ground (Bm/A) (Gm)
Then I (D) spent the mornin' thinkin'                              
(A7sus) 'Bout the (A7) ones the wolves pulled (D) down

Charlie (D) Barton and his (D/F#) family
(G) Stopped to(Asus)day to say (D) goodbye (D/F#) (G) (Asus)
He said the (D) bank was takin' (D/F#) over
(G) The last few years were just too (A) dry (Asus) (A) 
(D/F#) And I (G) promised that I'd visit (Bm)
(A) When they found a place in (Bm) town (Bm/A) (Gm)
Then I (D) spent a long time thinkin'                           
(A7sus) 'Bout the (A7) ones the wolves pull (D) down

(G) Lord, please (A) shine a (D) light (D/F#) of (G) hope (D/F#)
(Em) On those of (A) us who fall be(D)hind
And (G) when we (A) stumble (D) in (D/F#) the (G) snow (D/F#)
(Em) Could you help us (D/F#) up while there's still (Asus) time (A)

Well, I don't (D) mean to be com(D/F#)plainin' Lord
(G) But you've (Asus) always seen me (D) through (D/F#) (G) (Asus)
And I (D) know you got your (D/F#) reasons
(G) For each and every thing (A) you do (Asus) (A)
(D/F#) But to(G)night outside my window (Bm)
(A) There's a lonesome, mournful (Bm) so(Bm/A)und (Gm) 
And I (D) just can't keep from thinkin'
(A7sus) 'Bout the (A7) ones the wolves pull (D) down (D/F#)(G)
Oh (D) Lord, keep me from bein'
The (No Chord) one the wolves pull down (D/F#) (G) (G/B) (A7/C#) (D)


D        xx0232
A        x02220
Asus     x02230
G        320003
D/F#     2xx232
Em       022000
G/B      x2xx3x
Bm       x24432
Bm/A     x04432
Gm       355333
A7/C#    x4xx5x
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