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Gary Allan - Nothin' On But The Radio (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits (2007)
Submitter: lmofle (25) on 10/20/03 12 comments
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Nothing On But The Radio
By Gary Allan
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

C/B - X2X010

Capo 2

Intro Chords:
G  G7  C  C/B  C/Bb  A7
G  D  G

G                        D
I sure do hope this is a long night
Cause I never felt one so right
Each look into your eyes and fall in
A little more and more
                           G    G7
Looks like we started us a fire
                        C       C/B  C/Bb  A7
Wrapped up in flames of desire
With every touch that burned higher
D                          G
Two shadows dancing on the wall

With nothing on but the radio
D                      G
Feel the music playin’ soft and slow
Em                 Am
You and me and the lights down low
D                       G
With nothing on but the radio

We fall asleep here the moonlight
In tangled sheets we’ll be here all night
And when we wake up in the mornin
We might stay like this all day
Two people meant to be together
Two lovers dreamin of forever
And it just keeps on getting better
With every tender little kiss


Two people meant to be together
Two lovers dreamin of forever
And it just keeps on getting better

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
VERY VERY GOOD I'm not too good of a geetar player but i know a good
one when i hear it
-gone country | 4/15/2004
Awesome! Thanks for the tab!
-debeck | 5/25/2004
could someone show me how to play C/B and C/Bb? thanks

-saxxman | 8/10/2004
Great, and thanks, but to get the real feel in the first and second
verse the D should be D9. Try it. Also, when you work down to the A7
just before the chorus, play A7 A7sus4(one strum) A7. Then hit the
chorus. Love this song.

-Jim72344 | 9/13/2004
really don't mean to critisize but i don't think C/B and C/Bb are
chords, could be wrong though

-joe35 | 9/20/2004
help me with the c/b c/bd
-macbar | 9/21/2004
The C C/B C/Bb run is actually better played like a riff. Here's the tab for it:
-lmofle | 9/22/2004
When chords are written with a slash like C/B, it means you are playing a C chord with a B note as the root (or lowest note)

C: x 3 2 0 1 0
C/B: x 2 2 0 1 0
C/Bb: x 1 2 0 1 0

You see notation like that a lot in Nashville.
-daveymac | 11/21/2004
guys, the C/B C/Bb is what us rednecks refer to as a "walk",
or a bass walk.

It would look like (bar chords) x3555, to x2555, to x1555
-georgeb1954 | 12/1/2004
Love the redneck comment!! a proud redneck from North Carolina, I would have to agree!!'s a walk!!...amd all good Bass players and Red Necks would know!!!! with it!! will come!!
-karey | 12/30/2004
Very good, George - I've always called them
walkups or walkdowns...

-lmofle | 12/30/2004
Ha-ha, even us NH yankee's call it a walk...
-tmac7 | 8/22/2005
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