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Gary Allan - The One (Chord)
Album: Alright Guy (2001)
Submitter: alvarez (3) on 6/25/02 8 comments
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     Gary Allan: The One 

     *Capo the first fret

     G  G/F#    Em         Bm
     No rush I need you're touch
      C      G          D
     I wont rush you're heart
     G        G/F#    Em     Bm
     Until you feel on solid ground
      C          G         D
     Until you're strength is found girl

      G                   Am7          C
     I'll fill those canyons in you're soul
            D             G
     Like a river lead you home
     And I'll walk a step behind
            D             Em
     In the shadows so you shine
                Am7      C
     Just ask it will be done
     And I will prove my love
      D                G
     Until you're sure I'm the one

     Verse 2:
     G       G/F#     Em         Bm
     Somebody else was here before
     C          G    D
     He treated you unkind
     G       G/F#    Em         Bm
     A broken wing needs time to heal
     C        G         D
     Before a heart can fly girl

     Repeat chorus:

     Am        D                  Bm        C
     Trust in me and you'll find a heart so true
      Am                 F                      D
     All I want to do is give the best of me to you
     E                 A
     And stand beside you

     Instrumental A,D,E,A,D,E
      F#m                D
     Just ask it will be done
     And I will prove my love
      E                  A
     Until you;re sure I'm the one 
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G 320003
G/F#m 200003
Em 022000
Bm X24432
C X32010
D XX0232
Am7 X02010
Am X02210
F 133211
A X02220
E 022100

-matellmon | 4/10/2003
These are the right chord shapes. Have been out of town thanks for
the reply mat.
-alvarez | 4/11/2003
I think those B minors in the verses should be Ds, just a suggestion, worked for me
-hc2xh | 11/4/2003
great tab...i like playin the Badd9 instead of the Bm
it is
-cwh4487 | 11/13/2003
Awesome job on the tab; sounds right on with the real song and will work for any gigging musician! Thanks.
-tsmitty2005 | 10/4/2005
Hey I am just wandering what the strumming pattern is. I tryed goin by ear but I can't make it out so please help.I am planning on playing it for my girlfreind that i only get to see in the summers. So PLEASE HELP! Just e-mail me at

-biggtexas | 1/17/2006
Sounds good with either Bm or D. Excellent. Thankyou
-fins1838 | 10/20/2010
So, if I capo the first fret, am I moving all of my finger positions up a fret (essentially changing the key)?
-hawker76 | 1/5/2015
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