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Gary Allan - When You Give Yourself Away (Chord)
Album: Get Off on the Pain (2010)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (414) on 5/19/10 1 comment
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When You Give Yourself Away
Written by Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon & Pat McLaughlin
Recorded by Gary Allan

Intro.:  | (G) (D) | (Am)  |  x  2

When you (G)give your-(D)self a-(Am)way
(G) Love becomes (D)somethin' that you do, (Am) not just somethin' that you say
(G) Ain't it (D)funny how a smile makes the (Am)world a better place
When you (C)give your-(D)self a-(G)way

When you (G)open (D)up your (Am)heart
(G) You never know (D)how it's gonna end and (Am) that's the scary part
(G) Walls are gonna (D)tumble on down, (Am) dam's gonna break
When you (C)give your-(D)self a-(G)way

(Eb)Reachin' out for someone is (F)all that we can do
'Cause, (G)you reach out for me, babe, I'll reach out for you
(Eb) Woooh, (F) woooh, (Eb) woooh, (F) woooh

When you (Bb)look up (F)to the (Cm)sky
(Bb) Feel like ya (F)just don't belong and (Cm) wishin' you could fly
(Bb) You find out (F)you're not alone and (Cm) we're really all the same
When you (Eb)give your-(F)self a-(Bb)way

When you (Eb)give your-(F)self a-(F#) way, (Ab)yeah, (Bb)yeah
(F#) Woooh, (Ab) woooh, (Bb) woooh

(F) (Cm) Give yourself away
(Bb) (F) (Am) Never know how it's gonna end
(Bb) That's the s-s-s-scary (F)part (Am)
You've got to (Bb)give your-(F)self a-(Cm)way

Outro.:  | (Bb) (F) | (Am)  | --- repeat times to fade
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Aren't there any capo versions of this song? These chords are killing me!
-Jeongmin_Lee | 7/20/2016
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