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Gene Watson - When She Touches Me (Chord)
Album: Honky Tonk Crazy (1998)
Submitter: Ray Terry (42) on 1/11/08
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 2,953
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When She Touches Me
Gene Watson

Capo 1st Fret
Intro: Bb-C-D-C-G

G              C                      D           
I'm late again,   forgot their names when nights were though
          C            Am            D  
Kept the upper hand, always planning my next move
    G                               Am        C           Am
I thought she'd be, nothing more to me, than a one night romance
            G                     D                      C      G 
But I was caught off guard, well it's so hard, I never stood a chance

 Bb   C    D           (The Bb-C is a walk up to D)
When she touches me,
    C                D              C         G    C
I loose control and her love takes complete command
 Bb   C    D
When she touches me,
    C                   Am               D
My heart lets go and I throw all caution to the wind
       G                                       C   Am
I can keep my cool, be nobody's fool, 'till I hold her
               G         D        C   G 
But when she touches me,    it's all over

Instrumental: Bb-C-D-C-G

G                 C                         D
I must be insane,    I can't explain, the things I do
         C              Am                   D
Calling day and night, just dropping by, and being true
      G                    Am       C            Am      
The final step is finding myself, dying for her kiss
        G                    D                  C       G
Oh her love's so good and I think I could, get used to this

Repeat Chorus

 Bb   C    D              C    G
When she touches me, it's all over

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