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George Jones - Selfishness In Man (Chord)
Album: Burn Your Playhouse Down (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (417) on 9/13/09
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 7,593
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Selfishness In Man
Written by Leon Payne
Recorded by George Jones

Intro.:  -- | (D)  | (A)  | (D) (E) | (A) --

I saw a (A)little beam of (D)sunlight steal (A) across a purple (E)sky
And bend (D)down to kiss a (A)rosebud, oh, it (B)made me wanna (E)cry
To (A)think that I had been per-(D)mitted to see a (A) part of nature's (E)plan
Oh, there's (D)nothin' that stands (A) out more than the (D)selfishness (E) in (A)man

Little (D)children paintin' (G) pictures of the (D) birds and apple (A)trees
Oh, why (G)can't the grown (D)up people have the (E) faith of one of (A)these
And to (D) think those tiny (G) fingers might be-(D) come a killer's (A)hand
Oh, there's (G) nothing that (D)stands out more (D/F#)than the (G)selfishness (A) in (D)man.

Why (A)can't we see the (D)folly and the (A)uselessness of (D) hate
Love could (A)lead to under-(D)standing (D/F#)maybe (E)it's not loo (A)late (A/G) (A/F#) (A/E)
Then per-(D)haps in His great (G) wisdom we might (D) learn to under-(A)stand
Then there'd (G)be no shame (D) or sorrow (D/F#) and no (G)selfishness (A) in (D) man.

Inst.:  | (E)  | (A)  | (E)  | (A)  | (E)  | (A)  | (B)  | (E) --

Then per-(A)haps in his great (D) wisdom we might (A) learn to under-(E)stand
Then there'd (D) be no shame (A)or sorrow and no (D)selfishness (E) in (A)man (E) (A)
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