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George Jones - Walls Can Fall (Chord)
Album: Walls Can Fall (1992)
Submitter: matellmon (67) on 2/9/02
Month Views: 17 | Total Views: 3,638
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 (Capo on 1st fret) 

E   A   E   B7   E

             A          E         A            E  
I once stood in the darkness I couldn't see a light
            A          E     B7 
Backed up against the wall I built around my life
E       A         E        A          E                
I'd run out of reasons to ever love again
                A        E     B7                E 
But somehow you found a door & you came waltzin' in

CHO...           A               E
      Walls can fall, storms can end
      Skys can clear, hearts can mend
              E                           A
      All it took was your sweet love to rise above it all
               E          A      E        B7        E    
      You can build 'em strong & tall but walls can fall

INST...    E  A  E  B7  E

E         A       E           A              E  
Here we stand together with stones enough to build
           A     E      B7  
A bridge into forever beyond the highest hill
    E         A       E             A               E
The past will fade behind us if we let the future shine
                A        E             B7             E
Not a thing can come between us if we always keep in mind


        E           A      E         B7       E
You can build 'em strong & tall but walls can fall.
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