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George Strait - Four Down And Twelve Across (Chord)
Album: Honkytonkville (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (79) on 6/19/03 5 comments
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Four Down And Twelve Across
By George Strait

Capo 1

Intro Chords:
D   G

  D          Bm
I donít know what to think of it
Sometimes I hate it
Sometimes I love it
D                  Bm
Girl, this relationship weíre in
G                     A
To say the least itís puzzliní
       G                 D/F#
Like a crossword puzzle
            Em      A
Fill in the blanks

       D             Bm
Whatís four down and twelve across
G              A                   D      
Two letter synonym for lost Thatís me
      D              Bm
And a three letter word that rhymes with through
G          A        D               
Oh I get it, thatís you

Never believed in horoscopes
But to the left of the ad
For a new dishwashiní soap
Dear Abbyís got some good advice
For a troubled couple lost in paradise
In the Living section
Page two


       D           F#m        Em
Thatís you, thatís me, thatís us
Sometimes love ainít enough
   D       F#m
We try and try
        G                   A
For the life of me, why did we give up


Thatís me
G          D
Oh, thatís us
       D             Bm           G  A      D
Whatís four down and twelve across   Thatís us
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Cool song. I heard it for the first time today.
-heyitskane | 5/7/2004
what is four down and twelve across mean?
-THSRACowgirl69 | 12/6/2004
It's a reference to a crossword puzzle...

-lmofle | 12/6/2004
this song kicks ass on this cd, also look who's back from town is another good'ner!
-melloyello420 | 1/14/2005
I think that a F#m will work instead of the Bm in the song.
-GGUARINO92 | 12/2/2008
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