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George Strait - I Know What I Want For Christmas (Chord)
Album: Merry Christmas Wherever You Are (2002)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (115) on 12/15/12
Month Views: 8 | Total Views: 6,725
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I Know What I Want For Christmas
Written by Charlie Black & Dana Hunt
Recorded by George Strait

(No Capo)

It is the (D/F#)season for generosity, a (A)time to give and to receive
(Bb) My Christmas list consists of (E)just one sweet (A)dream....

I know (D) what I want (Bm) for (Em)Christmas this year (A)
And I hope (D) my (Bm)note got to Santa on (Em)time (A)
I'm a (D)little bit (A/C#)nerv-(D)ous, it's (Em)kind of a (Fm)big (F#m)thing
(G) I'm (A)asking (D)for (A)
I don't (D)know if I de-(A/C#)serve (D)it, but (Em)boy, if I (Fm)get (F#m)it
(Ab) I'll never ask (Bm)for (A)anything more

It (D)shines, it's new, (Bm) it's the one (Em)wish that I wish would come (A)true
(B) This (Bb)year for (A)Christmas (Ab)I --- (Em)just wanna (A)be with you (D)

We can (Am)build a little fire, we can (D)sit and talk for hours
(G) We'll just have fun
You can (Bm)tell me what you did, Christmas (E)morning as a kid
And (A) we'll talk about all our Christmases to come

Inst.:  |(D) |(Bm) |(Em) |(A) | x 2

And if I (D)hang a little (A/C#)mistle-(D)toe in (Em)every single (Fm)door-(F#m)way
(G) I'm sure to (A)get a kiss (D)
And is it (D)too much to (A/C#)ask (D)for a (Em)snowman (Fm)kind of (F#m)snow
(Ab) To com-(Bm)plete this (A)singular wish?

It shines, (D) it's new, (Bm) I know what I (Em)want and nothin' else will do (Bm/F#)
(B) This (Bb)year for (A)Christmas (Ab)I --- (Em)just want to (A)be with you (D)

Inst.:  |(Bm) |(Em) |(F#)

(B) This (Bb)year for (A)Christmas (Ab)I --- (Em)just want to (A)be with you

Outro.:  |(D) |(Bm) |(Em)(A)|(D) -----
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