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Glen Campbell - Adiós (Chord)
Album: Adiós (2017)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (93) on 8/10/17
Month Views: 14 | Total Views: 4,357
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Written by Jimmy Webb
Recorded by Glen Campbell
Album: Adiós (2017)

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(D)(D/F#)|(G)(A)|(Bm)(C)|(G)--- (A)|

(D) Ran away from (C#)home when (Bm)I was seventeen (A)
To be (G)with you on the (D)California coast (A)
(D) (C#)Drinking margaritas all (Bm) night in the old can-(A)tina
(Em7) Out on the Califor-(A)nia coast (Am)(A)

(D) Don't think (D/F#)that I'm un-(G)grateful
(A) And don't look so (G)morose
A-(A)dios, (D) a-(E7)dios

(G) We never really made (D/F#)it, baby (Bm)
But (Em)we came pretty close (A)
Adios, a-(D)-dios

Solo:   / (D/F#)|(G)(A|(C)(D)|(G)--- (A)|

(D) (C#)Going up north where the (Bm)hills are winter green (A)
(G) I got to leave you on the (D)California coast (A)
(D) (C#)Going where the water's (Bm)clear and the air is cleaner (A)
(G) Than the California (A)Coast (Am)(A)

(D) Our dreams of (D/F#)endless (G)summers
(A) They were just too (G)grandiose
A-(A)dios, (D) adi-(E7)os

(G) And I'll miss the blood red (D/F#) sunset (Bm)
But (Em)I'll miss you the most (A)
Adios, (D)adios (Gm)
Adios, adi-(D/F#)os (Gmaj7)---
Adios,  (A)--- adi-(D)-os

Outro.:   / / / |(D) |(D)--- |(D)----- 
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