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Grasstowne - Patchin' It Up (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (94) on 1/23/13
Month Views: 6 | Total Views: 15,460
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Patchin' It Up
Recorded by Grasstowne

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(D) |(A) |(D) |(A) ---

(Verse 1)
It (D)seems that every time I need Him, my Lord is always there
When no one else seems to have the time, Je-(Em)-sus always cares (A)
I (D)wonder just what I might do, if I (Am)called His (D7)name one day (G)
And the Heavens above just o-(D)-pened up, (Bm) and I (Em)heard my Savior (A) say ---

I'm through (D)patchin' it up, I'm through (F#m/C#)givin' you love, when your (A)world is (F#)torn apart (G)
And I'll never again wash away (D) your sin (Bm) or (Em)mend your broken heart (A)
I'm through (D)bearin' your burdens and (F#m/C#)all of the hurtin', and (A)givin' your poor (F#) heart ease (G)
Tell me why should I do anything (D) for you, (Bm) you never do (Em) any-(A)thing (D) for me (A)

(Verse 2)
But I (D)thank my lucky stars each night, my Lord is not that way
I know He's watchin' over me each (Em) and every single (A)day
And I (D)never wander about His love, 'cause His (Am)mercy flows (D7) so (G) free
And I know exactly what (D) He'll say (Bm) (Em) when I'm down upon my (A) knees ---

(Chorus 2)
I'll always (D)patch things up, I'll always (F#m/C#)give you love, when you (A)world is torn (F#) apart (G)
No matter where you've been, I'll wash a-(D)way your sin (Bm) and I (Em)mend your broken heart (A)
I'll always (D)bear all your burden and (F#m/C#)all of the hurtin'
And I'll (A)give your poor (F#) heart (G) ease
Yes, I'll always do anything (D) for you, (Bm) no matter what (Em) you do (A) to (D)me

Yes, I'll al-(G)-ways do anything (D) for you, (Bm) no matter what (Em) you do to (A) (D) me

Outro.:  / / / |(F#/C#) |(G)(A)|(D) -----
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