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Great Divide - Over The Rain (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (15) on 5/25/03
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Over the Rain
by The Great Divide

Written by: McClure

This is my favorite Great Divide song. :)

C  F  C  F

C                             F
While I lie sleeping, I have visions
C                           F
Of silver lights up in the sky.
C                   F
And I fly over the thunder.
C                   F                       G
Sometimes I fly so high I don't wanna come down
                           F           C   F  C  F
'Cause I'm afraid of the ground, sometimes.

C                         F
I can't remember when I dreamed you,
C                              F
But you were in somewhere too deep.
C                     F
And I remember how I found you,
C                        F
You were cryin' in your sleep,
                  G                      F
And I wiped your tears away and now everyday
This promise I'll keep...
        G                F  C 
- I'll fly you over the ra--in
             F                     G
And if this world rains, grab onto my wings,
            F                   C   F  C  F
Close your eyes. We're finally free. -

C                           F
When you sleep sometimes I touch you
C                               F
Just to make sure you're still there
C                                   F
'Cause I swear sometimes I'm just dreamin'.
C                            F
I'm just flyin' through the air.
But you're flyin' with me now,
               F                          C
We'll make it somehow on the wings of a prayer.


C     =   X32010
F     =   X33211 or 133211
G     =   320033

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
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