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Gretchen Peters - Hello Cruel World (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (90) on 1/20/18
Month Views: 7 | Total Views: 1,020
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Hello Cruel World.
Gretchen Peters.
Album: Hello Cruel World.
Capo 3.

Intro: Em Em7 Em

                          D#        Baug
Havenít done as well as I thought I would,
    Dm6              A#m     G    C
Iím not dead but Iím damaged goods,
                 G/B  B7
And itís gettiní late,
      Em             D#aug
Iím a rusty hinge, a squeaky wheel,
       D6           C#dim7     Cmaj7
At the bad end of a shaky deal,
Cursed by the hand of fate,
      Fm       B    Em   C#dim7 Bbmaj7
And a ooooooh, ooh, ooh, woh,
      C6         B7
Iím a very lucky girl,
     Em7     B7/D# Em       A7/D Cmaj7
Yeah ooooooh, ooh, ooh, mmm, mmm,
      B     Em
Hello cruel world.

Em                     B7/D#
Iím a ticking clock, a losing bet,
   G6               C#m    G
Am a girl without a safety net,
C                    B7
Iím a cause for some concern,
          A         Em                 D#aug
You donít live this long without regrets,
Em                        A/C#  G6
Telephone calls you donít wanna get,
Cmaj7                     B
Stones youíd rather leave unturned,
        Em       B    G   C#dim7
But ah, ooooooh, ooh, ooh, woh,
C                             B
The grain of sand becomes the pearl,
     Em7      B7   G          C#
Yeah ooooooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, ooh,
C     B7    Em
Hello cruel world.

Break: D6 G A7/C# Cmaj7 D7/F# B Em7 
B7/D# Edim7 D A7/C# Cmaj7 B E Em D/E

G         A/E          D#aug
Some folks go the easy route,
G/D              C#
Numb the pain or put the lights out,
C                      B7
Either way they got to go,
Em                 D#aug
Me Iím gonna stick around,
   Em7            A/C#
In for a penny in for a pound,
C                        B7
Cause I hate to miss the show,
    Em      B7/D# G    C#dim7
And ooooooh, ooh, ooh, woh,
C                   B   E
Iím a very stubborn girl,
B    Em      B7/D# G6       A7/C#
Yeah ooooooh, ooh, ooh, woh, oh,
C     B     E    Em
Hello cruel world,
Cmaj7 B7    Em
Hello cruel world.

Em F#7 E7 Em D/E G6 Em7 Bm7 E Em7 Bm
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