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Gretchen Peters - The House On Auburn Street (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (90) on 1/11/18
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 804
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The House On Auburn Street.
Gretchen Peters.
Album: Blackbirds.
Capo 6.

Intro: D

D                          G/D        D7            C/D Am 
The house on Auburn Street is burning to the ground,
D          G/D                D                 G/D
Fire trucks on the lawn and a crowd is gathered round,
G             C          Dm7      Em  Emaj7
An apparition in a small suburban town,
D                          G/D               D
The house on Auburn Street is burning to the ground.

D                        G/D     D          C/D Am7 C
Birthdays and barbecues, come on you sleepy head,
D                                                    C/D D7 C/D
He watched the evening news while she put us both to bed,
G                         C        Am     Em7  F C F6
Drowsing in our room, and drifting in the dark,
   D                          C/D             D6       D    Edim7/D
In the house on Auburn Street waiting for our lives to start.

D                                          C/D
You were the older one and I never saw you cry,
D                                                C/D D
Always the bolder one; nothing that you wouldn’t try,
F                       A                              Dm Dm7 E
I found you on the roof shooting sparks into your veins,
    D       G6    D  C/D              D
And staring vacantly across the green suburban plains.

           C/D                                         D
There were rescue missions, ultimatums and promises of love,
C/D                                         D6          D
They did the best they could, oh but it was never quite enough,
Oh Oh Oh Oh.

D                                           C/D  Am C/D
The sparks are flying now like fireworks in July,
D                                             C/D            
The dogs are barking now and the kids are hypnotized,
G                           C                       Em  F Fmaj7
And I should be crying now, but I’m laughing at the joke,
D                         D7     C/D            D
Cause the house on Auburn Street is going up in smoke,
D            G6     D      C/D     G/D    D
The house on Auburn Street is going up in smoke.

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