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Hank Williams, Jr. - Come And Go Blues (Chord)
Album: Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound (1979)
Submitter: lmofle (404) on 1/30/03 1 comment
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Come And Go Blues
By Hank Williams Jr

Open G  (DGDGBD)

  G      G8     Dsus    Csus      D       A       E    G(open)
D-5-|   D-0-|   D-0-|   D-0-|   D-7-|   D-5-|   D-7-|   D-0-|
B-0-|   B-8-|   B-3-|   B-1-|   B-7-|   B-5-|   B-7-|   B-0-|
G-0-|   G-0-|   G-0-|   G-0-|   G-7-|   G-5-|   G-7-|   G-0-|
D-0-|   D-9-|   D-4-|   D-2-|   D-7-|   D-5-|   D-7-|   D-0-|
G-x-|   G-x-|   G-x-|   G-0-|   G-7-|   G-5-|   G-7-|   G-0-|
D-5-|   D-x-|   D-x-|   D-x-|   D-7-|   D-x-|   D-x-|   D-0-|

G8              Dsus
People say that you're no good,
    Csus                                 G
But I wouldn't cut you loose, baby, if I could
        G8                Dsus       
Well, I seem to stay down on the ground,
Csus                            G
Baby, I'm too far gone to start turnin’ around
        G8                  Dsus
Well if only you would make up your mind
Csus                          G
Take me where you go, or just leave me here behind

D                   A    E   A  G8  
Lord, you got those come and go blues,
D                    A    E   A  G8  
Woman, you got those come and go blues,
              G(open) Csus        G8 Dsus  Csus   
got me feelin'             like a f-oo-oo-oo-o-l
G           G8  Dsus  C  G 
Just like a f-oo-oo-oo-o-l

'Round 'n' 'round, 'round we go
Don't ask me why I stay here, I don't know
But maybe I'm a fool to care
Baby without your sweet love, I know that I would be nowhere
So here I'll stay, locked in your web
Till that day I might find somebody else
But I don't know just when that will be
I don't know, I can't say cause I can't see


Got me feelin' like a fool
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment) g tuning...but other than that nothing....
-s4drvr2000 | 1/28/2005
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