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Hank Williams, Jr. - Just Enough To Get In Trouble (Chord)
Album: I'm One of You (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (354) on 11/27/03 1 comment
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Just Enough to Get In Trouble
By Hank Williams Jr

I been down my share of country roads, boulevards and interstates
Kinda know my way around a little about a lot of things
G                          F                       C                 G
I know what the cards say, sometimes the hard way, it looks so easy
My curiosity always gets me in a ditch
What really happens if you turn that knob or flip that switch
G                         F                     C                            G
Something I shouldnít do, why you already knew, thatís all been taught to me

       C                     F                   C                   G 
I know just enough to get in trouble and that is just enough to understand
         C               F                 C                    G   
That the more I know the more Iím sure someday itís gonna do me in
          C                     G                      C                F  
Yeah when my time comes and Iím dead and gone. Let Ďem put it on my tombstone
        C                     F            G                       C
He knew just enough to get in trouble, but not enough to leave it alone

Theyíve got a book somewhere on everything a woman wants
Ďbout how and when and where and why they will and why they wonít
Thatís complicated stuff and when it comes to love, Iím still learniní



F                                               C
Waylon always told me ďSon, everybody makes mistakes.Ē
F                                                          C
But, how come itís always me standing there when something breaks.

Last line of chorus:
Here lies just enough to get in trouble, but not enough to leave it alone.

He knew just enough to get in trouble, not quite enough to leave it alooooone
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this song is actually in the key of F major, you could tune the guitar down a full step and play these chords or just work out the chords in the key of F major.
-mrfsina | 10/5/2004
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