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Hank Williams, Jr. - The Tee Tot Song (Tab)
Album: The Almeria Club Recordings (2002)
Submitter: DaveWH (4) on 2/20/03 6 comments
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The Tee Tot Song   by Hank Williams Jr.

tabbed by Dave Hancock

We wanted it.  We were patient.  I got impatient.  I gave it a go.
I hope you all like it.  Its not perfect, but its as close as I 
could get.

Alternating bass, alternating bass, alternating bass... Ingrain it
into your brain.

Tuning : Open D - (low to high) D A D F# A D
Capo 1 : To play with the recording.  When I tabbed it my guitar was down a half step
and I said capo 2.  Thanks to Larry for pointing that out.

I chose to tune down to Open D instead of tuning up to Open E because
I like my guitar and I want to keep it.  Too much tension is bad for
a guitar, especially acoustics.

To tune to Open D, start out in standard tuning (EADGBe).  Then tune
your E (bass E) string down to match your D string.  It will sound
the same but an octave lower(?).  Then tune your e (high e) string
down to match the D string, but it will sound an octave higher.  Then
tune your B string down to match the A string, again the pitch of the
detuned string will be an octave (or 2) higher than the bass A string.
Now tune the G string down to match the 4th fret of the D string (the
original D - 3rd down from bass E).  Shown below are the steps you
take to re-tune in graphic form.  The two notes shown in each step
are the notes you are matching.  Each step shows the note the strings
are tuned at during the step.

    1     2     3      4

All notes are relative to the capo.

ls = long slide  p = pulloff  b = bend   h = hammer on

[Main theme]




During the verses something similar to the following is played


  good mourning Montgomery...
|----0-----0----------------|  x 3

 so glad,    don't be sad...



This is played later in the song after the instrumental main theme


This one is definitely not easy to play.  I'm not up to tempo myself, so don't worry.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Dave... you definantly get a 10 for effort,
and it sounds pretty accurate as well! Great job!
-JoeWallace | 2/20/2003
I thought I'd never find this tab.
Now, I gotta get my slow-poke fingers
and brain to work to learn it.
-dinosaur | 3/12/2003
What can I say? I thought I'd never find this tab. Great job man, this is a killer tab.Thanks
-harris_25 | 1/2/2004
dude your awesome i couldnt find this
anywhere thanks
-41010 | 6/25/2004
This song is played in opn E tuning without a capo. Watch Hank Jr play it on youtube. He strums the open strings repeatedly while talking to the audience and it is definitely ope E, and no capo.
-Jtbaer | 11/15/2013
jtbaer : If you read my comments above the tab, I explain that I tuned down to Open D instead of up to Open E so that there was less tension on my guitar strings. The capo was to bring it to pitch with the recording I was using (which was in Open E). Thanks, Dave.
-DaveWH | 11/15/2013
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