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Hank Williams, Jr. - Who's Taking Care Of Number One (Chord)
Album: Old School New Rules (2012)
Submitter: lmofle (549) on 1/2/16
Month Views: 24 | Total Views: 1,523
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Who's Taking Care Of Number One 
By Hank Williams Jr
Written by Hank Williams Jr
CD: Old School New Rules (2012)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Capo 1

D                                           G
I wanna dedicate this song to every workiní man and woman 

in this country and to everyone thatís tryiní to run a business 
and constantly punished, taxed and regulated by the federal government

Iím goiní to call up a talk show, Iím goiní to give Ďem a piece
I donít give a damn about Iran or the Middle East
Though theyíve been fightiní for about 2000 years
And we send billions to Mexico and Zimbabwe
Well, I think itís time for America to watch her own store
So here is my question to everyone
G             A              D
Who is taking care of number one

    G                                    D 
New Hampshire got it right, live free or die
      D                              A
Donít tread on us and tell us how to run our lives
   D                         G  
No matter where you go, everyone would like to know
    C            G           D
Can Washington D.C. mind the store
           C    G                 D 
Is there a soul still down on the farm
    G             A              D
And who is taking care of number one

Our glorious leader just got back from China and Japan
Where it gave away our job, put us down and sold out our plans
Well people here at home are tired of fail program and loan
I believe they meant to change all this stuff thatís going on
Itís time for Americans to mind their own store
And here is my question for everyone
Who is taking care of number one


Donít need to be giving all this money away to all these other fellows. 
We need it right here at home. 
You know like 2 and 2 is 4, do you get it? 
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