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Hayes Carll - Lovin' Cup (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (388) on 6/18/11
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Lovin' Cup
By Hayes Carll
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Am/G - 3X2210

I got all night to remember you by, I got half-packed bag and a wanderin' eye
G                                             C
Gonna love you baby till the day I die, don't worry
It's just sometimes people get a little fed up, tired of not drinkin' from the lovin' cup
D7                                                G
Gotta walk on my own like a little bitty pup in a hurry

Well, it seem like every time I give my heart, a couple good years and the bulls**t starts
I did my best honey, played my part, it's over
Now I'm sittin' cross-legged in a heartache tree, knowin' damn well you ain't a-thinking about me
Just a sad reminder of a used to be, I'm gone

Chorus 1:
          C     C/B   Am    Am/G  D   
And we go down, down, down, down, down
C    C/B  Am   D/F# G
Love just left this town

If I had a dream, I guess I sold it, if I had a secret, Lord, I told it
This here hand I never thought I'd fold it darlin'
Well, I paid my dues and I served my time, we had a good tune but we never could rhyme
Put up a buck just to get back a dime, its gone

I remember a time when the mood was right and you'd say go and we'd go all night
Now it's b***h, and moan, and fuss, and fight, I'm tired babe
If you're ever in trouble honey, I'll be there but I'd rather be one than a mournful pair
The blind can see that you dont care, I'm gone



Oh, what have I done, I can't believe these things I said, I let a couple bad years get to my head
Without your love, I'd be old and dead, I'm sorry
It's getting hard to handle that lonesome sound, it's goodbye trouble, I'm a-homeward bound
You're the only good thing this old boy's found, I'm home

Chorus 2: 
And we go down, down, down, down, down
Love is back in town

Chorus 3:
And we go down, down, down, down, down
The one good thing I found

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