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Jake Owen - Eight Second Ride (Chord)
Submitter: SaraR08 (2) on 8/27/09 4 comments
Month Views: 429 | Total Views: 13,033
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D               C   
Well hey girl whats your name?
 G               D
Havent I seen u before?
I recognized them dark green eyes 
           G                     D
when you dosey doed across the floor
Are you alone or are you with someone?
            G                D
She said a matter of fact I'm not
so i took her hand thats when it all began 
          G                       D
and we headed towards the parking lot

               D         C                       
And she said hey boy, do you mind
G               D 
takin me home tonite?
        D                  C   
'cuz I aint never seen a country boy 
       G                       D
with tires on his truck this high
        D                      C 
I said climb on up but honey watch the cup that
       G              D
I'm spittin' my dip inside 
          D                C         
and hold on tight cuz its gonna be wilder 
       G            D        
than any 8 second ride

D  C  G  D  C  G  D  D

    D                      C 
We went riding round rocking to the sound 
       G                D
of "A Country Boy Can Surivive"
and I knew then that she was my kind of girl 
             G                     D
cuz she was singing every single line
Then she slid on over put my hand on her shoulder
         G                       D
and I aksed her what she wanted to do
She said it don't matter where we go 
         G                      D
just as long as I'm riding with you

         G           C           D
So we headed out to old tobacco road
         G            C            D
Put the tailgate down and we made love
          G             C            D
She said a true country boy's hard to find 
     C                       G      D        D
but I found one wilder than any 8 second ride


      D                    C                    
yea hold on tight cuz its gonna be wilder than 
  G             D
any 8 second ride
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
its played half a step down
-jonezy1355 | 8/27/2009
This song IS NOT tuned down 1/2 step on the CD. It's standard tuning, you can play it in drop D if you want also.
-RagnarKCV | 9/25/2009
I agree, this song is not tuned down 1/2 a step. And I don't know why it was rated so low. Those are the chords. Maybe it just doesn't sound right to people when all the drums and bass aren't thumping.
-BrianEarlHaines | 11/10/2009
Where is all of the F's in the chorus. This is close but, your chorus is off.
-jlowder2727 | 12/14/2009
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