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Janis Joplin - Me And Bobby Mcgee (Chord)
Submitter: geetar_grl (0) on 4/11/04
Month Views: 3 | Total Views: 18,772
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song: Me And Bobby McGee
singer: Janis joplin
Writer: K. Kristofferson and fred foster

 G                    Gsus
Busted flat in Baton Rouge
 G                      Gsus 
headin' for the trains
 G                          D  
Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans
Bobby thumbed diesel down
just before it rained

Took us all the way to New Orleans.
                     Gsus   G 
I took my harpoon out of my dirty, red bandana 
Gsus     G                G7             C  
And was blowin' sad while Bobby sang the blues
With them wind-shield wipers slappin' time and Bobby 

clappin' hands
           D                               G        G7
We finally sang up every song that driver knew.

C                                 G7   
  Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
D                                        G       G7 
 Nothin' ain't worth nothin', but it's free
C                                 G  
 Feelin' good was easy, lord when   Bobby sang the blues
 And feelin' good was good enough for me
                                G  Gsus  G
 good enough for me and Bobby McGee

From the coal mines of Kentucky to the california sun
Bobby shared the secrets of my soul
Standin' right beside me, Lord, though everything I done
And every night she kept me from the cold
Then somewhere near Salinas, Lord, I let her slip away
Lookin' for the home i hope she'll find

And I'd trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesturday
Holdin' Bobby's body next to mine

Freedoms just another word for nithin' left to lose
Nothin' left is all she left for me
Feelin' good was easy, Lord, when Bobby sang the blues
And buddy, that was good enough for me
Good enough for me and Bobby McGee  
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