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Jarrod Birmingham - Whiskey On The Rocks (Chord)
Submitter: texasisalive (0) on 8/19/03
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Jarrod Birmingham
Whiskey On The Rocks

G D C9

G                                        D                      C9
She  said she was gonna leave, she finally did today
G                              D             C9
I drove up just in time, to watch her drive away
G                                            D         C9
And as I read the note she left, it cut me right to the bone
G                  D                            C9                    D          G
Was a story of a woman who needed more than a man who was always gone
G                                        D                C9
She said Lord knows I've tried, I've done the best I can
G                                            D           C9
But I've learned it's just to hard, loving a music man
G                             D               C9
I pretend I understand, but time keeps passing by
G                D                                   C9           D           G
And while you're out there chasing your dreams, I'm here living a lie

G                        D                        C9
Whiskey on the rocks is what I need
G                     D                       C9
Set em' up bartender, gonna drink till I can't see
G                                             D                        C9
Watch the whiskey in the glass turn to water
C9                   D (one strum)
It gets weaker, but I get stronger

G                               D                   C9
As I sit here in this bar, where everyone knows my name
G                                           D              C9                    
They all think I hit the big time, I'm headed for fortune and fame
G                                     D                  C9
But I'm still not on the jukebox, my pictures arent on the wall
G                D                         C9           D             G
I know I'm headed somewhere, I just hope it's not for a fall


C9                                                         G
Everytime I think Im on my way up, someting knocks me back to the ground
C9                                           Am walk down C9             D
Then I find the strength to get back up, I can't let this ol' guitar down

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