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Jason Boland - Alright Guy (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (311) on 5/23/04 2 comments
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Alright Guy
By Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

         C                            F                    C         F  C
You know just the other morning I was hanginí around in my house
C                                           F                           C     F C
I had the new book with pictures of Madonna naked and I was checkiní it out
G  	       	  	          F
Just then a friend of mine came thru the door
G                                F
Said she'd never pegged me for a scumbag before
G                      F
Said I donít wanna see you no more
      C                G
And I still don't know why

               C             F
I think I'm an alright guy
               C             F
I think I'm an alright guy
Well I just wanna live until Iíve gotta die
I know I ain't perfect but God knows I try
  C                    F
I think I'm an alright guy
  	         C     F C
I think I'm alright

Well, maybe I'm dirty, maybe I smoke a lot of dope
But it ain't like I'm going on TV and tearing up pictures of the Pope
I know I get wild and I know I get drunk
Well, it ain't like Iíve got a bunch of bodies in my trunk
My old man used to call me a f**ked up punk
And I still don't know why


Just the other night these cops pulled me over outside the bar
They turned on their lights, they ordered me out my car
Man, I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks
But still they made me do the stupid human tricks
I'm stuck in this jail with a bunch of f**kiní hicks
And I still don't know why

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nice tab, Brenda darling,,, just a quicky this was written by
Norman Gimbel and it was a hit for JIM CROCE.....
I hope people don't think Troy boy wrote this...

-shaneshaw | 1/5/2005
Who is Troy Boy?
-leecreek | 12/17/2010
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