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Jeff Bates - My Mississippi (Chord)
Album: Rainbow Man (2003)
Submitter: ermapoop (3) on 7/5/03 10 comments
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My Mississippi- Jeff Bates
Album: Rainbow Man
Writers: Bates/Beard/Loggins

C:   X32010
Am:  002210
G:   320003
F:   133211 (bar chord)
Em:  022000
G/B: 020030
Bb:  X13331 (bar chord)

Capo: 1st Fret

Intro: C  Am  G  F (2x)

   C 	  	  	 Am
I traded a í57 Chevy for my first guitar
   G 	  	  	  	 F
Daddy said I was crazy, cuz that was a hell of a car
   C 	  	  	  	 Am
When I played Love Me Tender, on that Fender
   G 	  	  	  	  	 F
And the music came pouring out of my hands and heart

   Am 	  	  	       Em
He knew it was worth it, and so did I
   F 	  	  	     G
Cuz sometimes some things donít have a price

  C 	  	  	       Am
So I learned to play all my heroes songs
  G 	  	  	  	  	 F
And I finally got around to writing a few of my own
  C 	  	  	 Am
The songs got better, I put a band together
  G 	  	  	      F
And we played our first gig at a little club in McComb

  Am 	  	  	  	 Em
When I walked on stage and opened my mouth
  F 	  	  	    G
I started to sing and you came pouring out

  C 	   G/B 	    Am
Ooooh, Ooooooh Mississippi, 
   F 	  	  	       G
You know how hard it was for me to leave
  C       G/B 	    Am
Ooooh, Ooooooh Mississippi, 
  F 	  	      G
I miss you, I hope you miss me
  NC (2nd Chorus play C)
My Mississippi 

C  Am  G  F

  C 	  	  	  	    Am
So I packed my Delta dreams, and came to music city
  G 	  	  	  	          F
I brought a whole lot of me, a little Presley and some Twitty
  C 	  	  	  	    Am
I came here to make it, but if I donít I can take it
  G 	  	  	      F
Just as long as I have you with me

  Am 	    	       Em
I know Iím gonna be strong enough
  F 	  	  	  G
Cuz Iíve got your mud, in my blood


  Bb 	  	  	 F 	 
You know I have four first loves,
 C            G/B 	     Am 	  	  	      G
That car, this guitar, and the girl that broke my heart, and

C 	 G/B 	    Am
You, Ooooooooh Mississippi
  F 	  	  	        G
You know how hard it was for me to leave
C 	 G/B 	    Am
Ooooh, Ooooooh Mississippi, 
  F 	  	      G
I miss you, I hope you miss me

C  Am  G  F (fade out, ad lib)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is my first attempt at tabbing a song, so if there are any problems tell me.
-ermapoop | 7/5/2003
i think you mixed around the F and G in the second and third verses
-nickv4 | 7/5/2003
thanks. i fixed it now.
-ermapoop | 7/5/2003
this is a good song. i hope he releases it. this whole cd is actually really good.
not a bad job for your first tab.
-frickity | 7/15/2003
great tab, and this is an incredible debut album and it would be awesome if he released this song...maybe nashville should see the messages here, they could use it sometimes
-brentconnell | 1/16/2004
instead of a little club in the comb,it should be a little club in McComb. McComb,MS that is.Great tab,and it is on his latest album.
-GuitarMan79 | 1/17/2004
my wner tickles

-will069 | 9/9/2004
i have a big floppy penus
-will069 | 9/9/2004
and you are also a grownup?
-ermapoop | 2/24/2005
Good job guys that might work but put the capo on the third fret and do A,E and D and put something in for the F/E and Dm7 and that might be easier.
-say-ra | 6/1/2004
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