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Jimmy Rankin - We値l Carry On (Chord)
Album: Song Dog (2001)
Submitter: palamin0 (19) on 11/12/03
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 7,904
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Artist: Jimmy Rankin
Title: We値l Carry On
chords by: palamin0 at

Jimmy Rankin  We値l Carry On

    (capo 4th fret)

INtro - Am - C -Am - C - Am - C - G - Am

(verse 1)
Am                             C
If the waves roll rough as in days before
          G                Am
Still we put our boats to sea
The take has been tough, we池e counting on more
   G                Am - C - Am - G - Am
To make the season pay

(verse 2)
It was back in 83 my brothers and me
laid our poor father in his grave
Even though he痴 dead and gone, his voice lives on
In the hiss and pull of the waves

            C         G
We値l carry on, carry on
 F                       C              G
sing these words through all the damage done
    F                      C           F
The old salt would say, I my father痴 son
      Am          C
Come hell or high water
G           Am  
We値l carry on,

(verse 3)
In smokey gray rooms, beneath bare lightbulbs, 
The accusations fly
What the hell do they want, they致e taken enough
From this way of life once mine

Chorus and Am-C/B-C - Am-C/B-C - Am-C/B-C-G-Am

It痴 a merciless scheme, not a fisherman痴 dream
The way the tide has turned
For not long before, by these restless shores
A man could his living earn


F            C
Hell or high water 
F            C
Hell or high water 
F            C
Hell or high water 
G          Am - C/B - C - Am7 - G - Am
we値l carry 

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