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John Anderson - Down In Tennessee (Chord)
Album: Tokyo, Oklahoma (1985)
Submitter: lmofle (14) on 4/4/04
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 5,938
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Down In Tennessee
By John Anderson
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

The picking progression on this is fairly easy but the chord 
fingerings I have come up with are difficult to maintain while 
picking and singing. Hope this works. This is the recorded key
and as close as I could find it.

Cadd9    Ė X32013
C/A#     - X10013
Am7/A    - X02013
Am7/F#   - 2X2013

Cadd9            C/A#                     Am7/A        Am7/F#
I talked to your sister last night on the telephone
Cadd9        C/A#                  Am7           F
You know she always thought pretty well of me
Cadd9         C/A#                        Am7                    Am7/F#
She said your weddiní went fine, you were up in New York on your honeymoon
Cadd9 C/A#      Am7/A  F 
And tonight I'm down    in Tennessee

I got that letter you wrote, it tore me up
But I donít have anyone to blame but me
I had it all for a while but like everything else, I messed it up
And thatís why Iím down in Tennessee

F           Dm                F
Itís blue tonight and gettiní bluer
C                              F          C
But Iím in the state that I deserve to be
        F                G    Am                  F             C 
Without you I just canít see, things ever lookiní up for me-e-e-e
       F             C
Iím so down in Tennessee

I hope youíre happy with him, heís a lucky man
I hope he gives you that home and family
I wanna say if by chance you are ever this a-way, look me up
Cause Iíll be down in Tennessee


Iím so down in Tennessee
Iím gonna be down in Tennessee
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