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John Anderson - Goin' Down Hill (Chord)
Album: Wild & Blue (1982)
Submitter: lmofle (158) on 5/2/04
Month Views: 8 | Total Views: 3,312
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Goin' Down Hill
By John Anderson
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

The intro and chorus sounds best done in Barre chords. The son
Can be played throught the verses in regular chords:

C     8-10-10-9-8-8
F    - X8-10-10-10-8
B     799877
E    - X79997
Bb    688766
D#   - X68886
A    - 577655
D    - X57775

Intro Chords  the dash means a quick change:
C F-C   B E-B   Bb D#-Bb   A D-A   F  G  C  G

It all started at a corner table
F                     F7
Sippin' on a Jack and Coke
When the sun found us the next mornin'
D                  G        
We were actin like married folk
C               C7              F                F7 
The weekend, it weakened me and drained me of my will
You got me:

C         B     Bb                   A
Goin down hill, you got me goin down hill
    F             G              F
And still I can't get my fill of you

I've spent all my money
I've lost my respect
You got me walkin' in circles, honey
And I'm a nervous wreck
I stay just one step ahead of a welfare dollar bill
You got me


F                    F7     C         C7
And I was voted most likely back in '79
F                  F7                 C                C7  
I was headed right to the top, honey, all I needed was time
F                F7              C              A7  
But you put some lovin' on me, I swear was so unreal

You got me


I can't eat, I can't sleep, I think about you
From daylight to dawn
I bet I won't weigh 15 pounds when they drag my body home
Just like a junkie hooked on dope, I'm hooked on your thrill

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