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John D Hale Band - Back To Texas (Chord)
Album: One Of A Kind (2006)
Submitter: tumbleturd (1) on 4/29/07
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 4,855
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Back To Texas - John D. Hale Band

Intro: Pick D

     D               A                 G               A
Well you had me pack all my things And then we hit the road
D                  A                     G                   A
We drove for seven hundred miles To what you called Our new home
  G               A                        D         A          Bm
A place in Kansas City Where you said that you could chase your dreams
G          A                 G          A           D
Never once thinkin about The dreams you once had in me

D                      A                    G                  A
We hadn''t been there a month or so When you decided that you''d leave
D                  A                G                  A
You met a big shot banker Who could give you more than me
G                   A                    D         A       Bm
You never give me a second thought Hell, you never thought twice
         G                      A                   G          A        D
You just packed your dreams and left outta town And never even said goodbye

D                    A            G                   A
So I''m going back to Texas to the hill country that I love
D                  A                   G                  A
Going back to blue bonnets, collegiate dirt, and mesquite scrubs
G                     A                       D          A      Bm
I''m going back to the place I love And that''s where I''ll always be
G                 A                   G             A     D
I''m going back to chase my dreams and finally start being me

  D                   A              G             A
I guess the good Lord has a plan For what we do in life
D                 A                       G              A
I guess he had it in his mind you weren''t meant to be my wife
      G                A                D        A     Bm
I was put here to play music And that''s what I''m gonna do
          G                A             G             A      D
I''m on my way back down to Tejas To play music I ain''t chasin you


      D                A                    G              A
Well, girl you made me someone That I don''t ever wanna be again
D                A                        G                   A
Talked me out of chasin my dreams Just to make me lose in the end
G                   A               D        A      Bm
One day girl you''ll wake up And be alone and by yourself
    G                   A          G        A         D
And then you''ll have to own up And play the cards you dealt

G             A                   G             A     D
Going back to chase my dreams and finally start being me

D  - xx0232
A  - x02220
G  - 320033
Bm - x24432 
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