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John D Hale Band - Stake Our Claim Again (Chord)
Album: Lost (2008)
Submitter: BuckBran (3) on 5/29/11 2 comments
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 2,617
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Intro (G)   (Em7)   (Cadd9)    (D)    (G)     (Em7)     (Cadd9)      (D)

(G)         (Em7)  (Cadd9)      (G)          (Em7)              (Cadd9)      (D)
Rural route 2 box five five four c home of my family farm it's still home to me
(G)   	    	    (Em7)  	    	  (Cadd9)        	   (G)  	  
Its where I wanna raise my kids but it don't look like I can
(G)                    (Em7)              (Cadd9)              (D)  
Cause every time you turn your head their breakin new ground again
(G)                  (Em7)            (Cadd9)             (G)
Started bout eight years ago with that one house up on a hill
               (Em7)                (Cadd9)               (D)
Forty more the next six years in Erbocker's old corn field
(G)            (Em7)               (Cadd9)           (G)
City finally moved em out and the country's moved away
               (Em7)            (Cadd9)              (D)
Nothing we can do about it I wonder should even stay
             (Cadd9)            (G)           (Cadd9)            (G)
Or should we cash the farm on in and just move on down the line
(Cadd9)                (G)                         (Cadd9)                (G)
Stand our ground and fight till the end try ta buy us a little more time
(Cadd9)           (G)     (Cadd9)             (G)    
We all know its comin but we don't know when 
(Cadd9)                      (G)         (Cadd9)     (D)     (G)
We'll have ta pack up everything and stake our claim again
Intro 2x
(G)                 (Em7)                    (Cadd9)          (G)
Doesn't make much sense to me what goes on in people's heads
               (Em7)               (Cadd9)         (D)
Half a million dollar home on a quarter acre spread
     (G)              (Em7)           (Cadd9)            (G)
They cuss about the smell of the dairy right next door
                           (Em7)             (Cadd9)           (D)
They're gonna push all the farmers out on that you can be sure

Chorus 2x
     (Cadd9)                      (G)         (Cadd9)     (D)     (G)
Yeah we'll have ta pack up everything and stake our claim again
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sorry the first line got messed up it should be a
G starts at "Rural", Em at "2", Cadd9 at the first "5", G at "c", Em at "family", Cadd9 at "still", D at "me"
-BuckBran | 5/29/2011
When tabbing a song, always use Notepad and never use the TAB key - always use spaces to line the chords over the word. If there are alot of chord changes in a line, they will be pushed to the right because of the embedding of chords (where you can hover over and see the shape)...

-lmofle | 6/26/2011
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