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John D Hale Band - The Ballad Of White Trash Charlie (Chord)
Album: One Of A Kind (2006)
Submitter: tumbleturd (1) on 6/29/07
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 8,542
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The Ballad Of White-Trash Charlie - John D. Hale Band
Capo 2

Intro: G  D  C  G  G  D  C  D

G                   D           C                G
Well, Charlie was a mullet man, had been all his life
       G                D                 C                 D
He had long hair runnin down his back and short hair on the sides
   G              D                   C                  G
He sired fourteen different kids with thirteen different wives
    G                   D                   C              G
Now here''s the story of white-trash Charlie and his s**tty life

      G                  D                 C                G
Well, Charlie lives down by the river in a run-down trailer court
       G              D                   C            D
He had two rooms in a run-down shack with holes in the floor
         G     D                C                 G
He had a t-top firebird that he parked out on the lawn
    G           D                C                 G
But now it just sits on blocks because the motor''s blown

    G            D               C                G
Oh, Charlie, Oh, Charlie  - What have you done so wrong?
    G            D                  C           D
Oh, Charlie, Oh, Charlie  - You got rocks for a lawn
    G            D               C            G
Oh, Charlie, Oh, Charlie  - Here comes a tornado
       G                D                      C               G
Better get the tires up on the roof, ''fore you lose your happy home

     G                D            C             G
Well Charlie had some neighbors he really didn''t like
      G              D              C             D
Yeah, one''s in methamphetimines and one is his ex-wife
G                      D        C                  G
And then there was the one, who lived two trailers down
    G                 D           C                  G
She said her name was Bambi - she strips in the next town

    G             D   C             G
Now Charlie never was one for being shy
   G               D              C               D
He kinda liked ol'' Bambi, thought he''d give her a try
          G           D        C              G
He walked over to her trailer, with a case of Stag
    G                D                C              G
And by the time they had it drunk, he got her in the sack


     G                  D              C        G
Well Charlie''s love for Bambi, it just grew and grew
   G                D               C              D
He fell in love the very first time that they ever screwed
    G              D              C     G
Ol'' Charlie he was older than ol'' Bambi was
  G                  D               C              G
I guess twenty years ain''t that much when you''re in love

G               D         C                  G
They moved in together in Charlie''s two-room shack
   G                 D                C                D
He went and bought a stock tank for a swimmin pool out back
             G                 D            C                G
They''d spend nights out in the pool, just a case of beer and them
           G                  D                    C                    G
Well, they had the time there of their lives, even though they couldn''t swim


      G              D       C              G
Well, Charlie he got married to sweet Bambi-sue
    G             D                 C           D
Oh, Bambi she got pregnant, an'' the baby is due soon
G               D        C               G
Charlie''s kinda worried about the baby''s health
      G                 D                 C               G
There is one thing that he neglected, one thing he didn''t tell

G               D          C               G
Charlie he told Bambi, We need a heart to heart
        G                D                 C                  D

There''s something that I need to say, will shock you from the start
  G                   D           C             G
I hope that you don''t leave me, I hope it isn''t bad
    G                D                   C              G|
But my sweet darlin'' Bambi-Sue, I''m your lover and your Dad 
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