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Johnny Paycheck - Old Violin (Chord)
Album: The Soul & The Edge: The Best of Johnny Paycheck (2002)
Submitter: axehappy (25) on 2/5/02 1 comment
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Johnny Paycheck - Old Violin

By axehappy - axehappy at

Play with capo on 2nd fret.
Chord shapes are relative to position of capo.

Db     =   x32010                      F#     =   x33211

Ab     =   320003                      F#m11  =   111111


               Db  F#              Db
Well I can't recall one time in my life,
Db                 Ab         Db
I've felt as lonely as I do tonight.

I feel like I could lay down,
F#            Db
And get up no more.

Its the damnedest feelin', 
Ab                Db
I never felt it before.

          Db  F#              Db
Tonight I feel like an old violin.
                   Ab                 Db
Soon to be put away and never played again.

Don't ask me why I feel like this, 
F#            Db
Hell, I can't say.
  F#             Db     Ab              Db
I only wish this feeling would just go away.
                       F#                                Db
I guess its 'cause the truth is the hardest thing I ever faced,
                 F#         Db           Ab
'Cause you can't change the truth in the slightest way.
F#m11        Db
I tried....

So I asked myself...I said John,
F#                   Db    F#  
Where do you go from here?
Db                              Ab                      Db     F#
Then like a damn fool I turned around and looked in the mirror,
Db             F#         Db
And there I saw an old violin.
F#         Db       Ab                 Db   F#
Soon to be put away, and never played again.
So one more time, just to be sure,
F#          Db                                     F#
I said John, where in the hell do you go from here?
Db                                            Ab
And you know there wasn't a nickel's worth of difference,
When I looked in the mirror.
F#           Db
Thats when I knew.

                       F#         C
That there I was seein' an old violin.
F#         C       Ab                 Db   F#
Soon to be put away and never played again.
And just like that it hit me, 

'Cause that old violin and I were just alike.

We'd give our all to music,
    Ab                   Db       Ab  Db
And soon, we'll give our lives....
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Greatest Song Ever!!
Im Naked
-Big_Johnson | 4/13/2004
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