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Justin Moore - That's How I Got To Be This Way (Chord)
Album: Justin Moore (2009)
Submitter: WildCard76 (107) on 1/9/10
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 4,984
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Justin Moore
Submitted by: Christopher R.
2:49 PM 1/9/2010

Capo 1st Fret

I rolled my (G) Daddyís truck off the (F) Dicksonville curve
After (C) drinkiní my fifth (G) beer
And I fed hogs tryiní to (F) pay him off
For (C) most of my senior (G) year
I got my jaw jacked by a (F) big olí boy
For (C) messing Ďround with his girlfr(G)iend
She was tall and tight and she (F) kissed just right
But Iíll (C) never do that a(G)gain

 (G) Hey, (F) yeah, Iíve done some (C) pretty stupid things but (G) hey
 Iím a little bit harder and
 A (F) whole lot smarter
 Thatís (C) how I got to be this way

Iíve been kicked in the face by a horse
Cause I ran up too fast behind him
And I shook hands on a deal with a man
And found out he was lyiní
Iíve broken a couple of good girlís hearts
Cause Iíve said I loved Ďem knowiní I couldnít
And Iíve given my heart to a woman
Who said sheíd stay when I knew she wouldnít

Repeat Chorus

 Iíve been (F) bit Iíve been (C) burned but Iíve (F) lived and Iíve (C) learned from (G) it
 Iíve (F) made some mis(C)takes but (F) thatís what it (C) takes
 To (D) make a man out of a kid

Repeat Chorus Twice 
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