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Keith Urban - Raining On Sunday (outro) (Lead)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: axehappy (32) on 12/16/04 29 comments
Month Views: 7 | Total Views: 6,943
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Keith Urban  -  Raining On Sunday  (outro)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

Play this with capo on 2nd fret.. the notes are tabbed at the correct fret,
not relative to the capo.
I could only get it to sound right with capo on 2nd with that open E string
ringing... I know the chord version is tabbed as capo 4, and my solo is 
tabbed as no I'd have to go with capo 2 for the whole song based
on this outro.

My soundbyte for this is a lot louder than the recording on the album..
As such it sounds a bit over distorted, but if you listen to it, and then the album,
or vice versa, you'll hear that its right, and don't try to play it tight.. there's
supposed to be string noise etc... its some dirty lead playing :)
The tab is only a guide.. its not easy to tab this kind of lead 100%.. all the notes
are there.. but there may be more or less of them in parts ;)
Listen to the soundbyte to hear it.
I couldn't play this slow, it was too difficult to get the timing, so its just a full
speed version...hopefully it'll still help!








D----------------------------------------------------------------6-- fade out
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
That is ridiculous how good you are. Seriously...Keith showed you didn't he? Sounds great, although I still can't play it. But it sounds great anyway.
-mystikal1116 | 12/16/2004
man ur, good, hey try to figure out the solo on you or somebody like u off his new album, ending sounds so cool, rock, and country, the best, thanks axe, keep up the best tabs!!!!!!!!!!
-silasa55 | 12/16/2004
axe, this is just plain awesome!
-urbanriffs | 12/16/2004
THANK YOU AXE. I LOVE YOUR TABS. YOU ARE THE MAN. thanx for answering my request though. I've been dying to learn this as you know. thanx alot.
-KU_isbestever | 12/16/2004
Yeah well... sorry I made you wait so long!
-axehappy | 12/16/2004
this is tab 'shelby county jail' so I'll be mad that I can't play that either.
-tstancil | 12/16/2004
Nice job man.
-logansams | 12/16/2004
axe i was wondering what kind of recording machine or program do u use to make your soundbytes??
-KU_isbestever | 12/16/2004
I put in a chord version with Capo 2 so you can play this without taking the time of converting the Capo 4.
-KU_isbestever | 12/17/2004
This soundbyte was done using a BOSS BR1180
digital recorder.. I'm learning to use that
now. My other soundbytes are just recorded
through the external microphone on my pc.
-axehappy | 12/17/2004
alright cool. I was just wondering.
-KU_isbestever | 12/17/2004
the first time I heard this was at 3 in the morni and I've been trin to learn it ever since thanks alot J
-jdgreen06 | 12/20/2004
I Don't Spect You Know What Kinda Guitar Hes Playin In The Vidio And What Year Model Do Ya
-BearTabs | 12/20/2004
I mean this is the part that keith plays ain't it

-BearTabs | 12/20/2004
Theres no way this is the correct solo, I played it a hundred times over and no way is it like Keiths, there is maybe one little part that is correct, I don't know what the rest of you are hearing but I cannot see anyway that this sounds like his solo! I've been playing for 9 years, and if I can learn RollerCoaster, I can certainly tell you this isn't correct
-JeffHardy | 12/24/2004
ever since i heard this song for the first time on cmt and saw the video i have been dying to play it. your efforts are deeply appreciated.
-blakebell | 12/25/2004
how do i listen to the sound byte?
-blakebell | 12/25/2004
JeffHardy... you tab it then :)
Oh, by the way.. this isn't the solo.. it's the lead guitar playing
at the end of the song, I've tabbed the solo in a seperate submission.
And I tabbed Rollercoaster already.. if you wanna play that game.. lol.. and I've been playing for 14 years, so I can tell you this IS right :)
Soundbyte is only for premium members of the site.
-axehappy | 12/25/2004
Always someone trying to be cocky...Well first of all, I know that is the outro, the lead guitar, second of all, I did not learn rollercoaster on here, my buddy and I sat down and tabbed it out one day, third ROS is played Capo 4, which sounds the BEST. I just cannot here it whatsoever, ooh and if you wanna play a game, let me send you my video of my interpretation of "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen, if you wanna talk about skill!!!!
-JeffHardy | 12/25/2004
Oh, it took 2 of you to tab Rollercoaster.. well, team up and submit
some tabs on here then .. prove yourself :)
I've proven myself here already over and over, and I'm sick of people
like you putting it down... really, really sick of it.
If you can do better, than do it... back up that crap you talk.. if
not, then quieten down and get on with whatever it is you do..
My email is at the top of the tab if you wanna send me your video
thing, I don't mind :)
-axehappy | 12/26/2004
What! From what I'm hearing on the sound byte, it's perfect! I've always played the outro with capo on the 4th, so I don't know how ya got that. But other than Ghost in this Guitar, Axe, this is your best tab.
-avsfan | 12/29/2004
Jeff I've Only Been Playin not even a year and if axe is like me he has an ear apparently thats something u don't have this is right I can't stand people like u. hypocrites! Thanks again axe
-BearTabs | 1/28/2005
lol yes this tab is perfect! That Jeff guy needs to replace the batteries in his hearing aid becuase he's clearly deaf... and blind because he cant be reading the tab properly if its not sounding right! If ur so good, Jeff, let's see you submit the outro! Hmmmm? Come on! Let's see it!
-mastervern2000 | 1/28/2005
I cant even play this tab ......and i still know its right! If its got the name axehappy attached to it.... im gonna click on it. Cause after clicking through all of my favorite artists ...axe is one of the three that you can guarantee yourself that the tab is gonna be some form of correct. Jeff you need to shut your mouth or prove to all of us that you have even an eigth of the skill that axe has. Axe.... keep up the good work man are awesome dude. i love your tabs dude.... i wish i coud see ya play or meet ya. Keep it up!....As for jeff ... get a life and quite criticizing other peoples legitimate work. Oh and have a nice time trying to find a friend that will go against axe. ;-D

-FenderFan521 | 1/31/2005
dude thanx for ur tabs man I have searched everywhere and u definetly have the best again thanx
-bryan_guenther | 2/23/2005
Wat key do u play this song in?
-buckmaster122 | 8/28/2005
So do we play this song with capo on 2nd or no capo?
-buckmaster122 | 8/30/2005
Very nice stuff! I'm a tad confused tho...cuz in the video keith is playing without a capo...and hes playing all sorts of crazy i think its only the acoustic guitar in the song thats capoed on 4th...but then hows does he get the solo to sound like this if he's not using a capo :S or is he just not using a capo in the video for show...I've not seen him play it live so I dunno if he actually does use a I am so confused! Either way, great tab man, sounds immense! *thumbs up*
-iamgodlike | 9/4/2005
Well whatever the guy said up there about it not being the correct solo for this song, it is hard to hear him playing the entire solo for the outro because there is a lot going on in the song. But if you really listen close you can hear it. Nice tab axe.
-kfr12ap | 11/7/2005
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