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Keith Urban - These Are The Days (Chord)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: palamin0 (23) on 9/17/04 7 comments
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Artist: Keith Urban
Title: These are the days
CD: (2004) BE Here
chords by: palamin0 at

Keith Urban - These are the days

INtro - D - G - D - G

(verse 1)
D                    G
My grand mama was a wise ol' soul,
D                        G
 Took me by the hand not long ago,
D                           G
Son what's your hurry boy slow it down,
D                         G
Taste the wild honey and listen to the sound,
D               G
Wind blowing through the trees,
D                     G
Rivers flow into the sea,
D                                       G
Yea they're all heading home just like you and me,
D                         G
Life's been livin child can't ya see, that

D              G                  D  -  G
These are the days that we'll remember,
D              G                D         G/B
These are the times that won't come again,
D               G                  D  -  G
The highest of flames becomes an ember,
D              G                  D  -  G
And you gotta live em' while you can,
D              G                  D  -  G
These are the days that we'll remember,
D              G                  D
These are the days that we'll remember,
D              G                  D  -  G
These are the days that we'll remember,
D              G                  D
These are the days that we'll remember,

So take em by the hand 
And yours in mine
Take them by the hand 
And live your life 
Take them by your hand 
G                    D
Don't let em all fly by  

Outro - D - G

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
what are the end notes when it is only acoustic?
-guitarplayer456 | 9/27/2004
you'll have to ask / request one of the great tabbers like Axehappy
to tab out the ending....I'm not good at charting out things like
that I can play it but just never learned to chart them..maybe
able to coax him into tabbing out the leads to Keiths new cd...
-palamin0 | 9/29/2004
I can't believe how easy this song to play is, I am a beginner at
this and have been trying for I don't know how long, to play a Keith
Urban song, like thats all I have been trying to do. I can actually
play this song right on with the song! Thanks for the chords to this!
I am going to be playing/singing this song at my schools annual
homecomeing talent show. I am going to have to change one part of the
song though, cause I am a girl, not a guy lol! thanks a bunch though!

-ImaCrocFreak | 9/30/2004
Well good luck I think you'll do great...
Let me know how it goes:)
-palamin0 | 9/30/2004
Ha ha ha...yeh...easy should see
keith play it by himself on the acoustic...
i don't think i've seen a better acoustic song played..he did it on some show in CMT
it was completely crazy.. You should look
for it on there. I think it was they inside
fame or something like that. Good jobs on
the chords though..sounds about right for
the CD version!!
-Camaroac92 | 11/11/2004
You and axehappy are two of the absolute best at chording and tabbing. Ya'll are awesome. I'm a beginner too and ive been a keith fan since i first got into country (hes the reason i got started on country -Raining on Sunday) Then came all the rest. He never makes a bad song. I saw the inside fame cmt show, and hes right it was awesome, but so far nothing tops the performance at daytona on "your everything" and "you'll think of me". Do they make a DVD of the live Daytona concert? Thanks again for an awesome tab. keep up the good work.

-FenderFan521 | 12/30/2004
hey i got the tabs for the chords palamin found, thanks for the help, but i have the tab patterns
-telecaster2351 | 2/14/2006
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