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Keith Urban - Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me (Intro)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: axehappy (30) on 4/12/03 42 comments
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Keith Urban  -  Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me  (intro)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

The first note in the intro, indicated by a *, play open E string,
and then tune the note down to D.


\   =   slide down                                p   =   pulloff

/   =   slide up                                  h   =   hammer-on

bh  =   bend & hold                               r   =   release bend

b   =   bend                                      x   =   dead note

~   =   hold note



                               play aggressively

    mess with volume

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
100 percent correct Dave. Also... good call on the "mess with volume"... when
I first heard the song I thought my CD was shorted! lol
-JoeWallace | 6/15/2003
do you leave the guitar in dropped D for the rest of the song or do you tune
it back up for the solo?
-saleen9899 | 7/16/2003
Leave it dropped D...check my solo tab...the
low E string is still tuned to D.. ;)
-axehappy | 7/17/2003
All of the lead in the song is played in
dropped D tuning.. D.A.D.G.B.E
-axehappy | 7/26/2003
The box he uses to get his sound on Who is a
$2500 Matchless amp. The matchless is core of his sound.
-SeeU 22 | 8/25/2003
what type of pedals can you use to duplicate his sound(s)?
-CrossCanadianJB | 10/9/2003
how is it possible to slide up from a
3/5... shouldnt it be 5/3, because (/) does mean up right??
I dont see how you slide from UP from the 3 fret to the 5th
-PGplayer6 | 1/12/2004
how is it possible to slide up from a
3/5... because (/) does mean up right??
-PGplayer6 | 1/12/2004
Up in 'guitar directions' is towards the
pickups, you follow the direction the pitch
goes... pitch goes up as you move towards
the pickups.. ;-)
-axehappy | 1/13/2004
For the people wondering about how Keith get's his tone ... I got
this information direct from Scotty Huff ... a member in Keith's
Band ... and from watching Keith live ...

Keith's main component of sound are the nine (9) (yes, 9) Amp's
he uses. 7 of these amps are Matchless DC30 2x12 combo's Then
Keith has two Matchless 2x12 Cab's and a Matchless DC30 head
powering one of the cabs, and an old Marshall Plexi Head powering
the other. 6 of the amps face towards the audience and are directly
behind Keith. You can see the old Matchless head in the upper left
and the old marshall head in the upper right. the last 3 matchless
combo's are facing towards the back of the stage and they are behind
the wall of the 1st 6.

Now, as for effects...this is direct from Scotty...

He has 2 GCX loop switchers with a Bradshaw Foot Controller
Carl Martin Compressor
Cry Baby Wah Wah
Fulltone Overdrive (Blue)
Fulltone Overdrive (Yellow - with comp settings)
Line 6 Echo Pro

Nashville Anniversary Tele with the Neck and middle pickups removed,
Fender Clapton Strat, Gibson SG.

I hope that answer's any questions on how Keith get's his tone.


-NDN | 1/15/2004
is it only the e string thats drop d?
-negro123 | 1/30/2004
Yes it is.. you tune the E down to D as you
play that first note
-axehappy | 1/31/2004
AX, your friggin great!!! I don't
even have to look at ratings anymore,
if your name is on it, it's all good!
-southernblue | 2/2/2004
instead of havin 9 billion matchless amps he should have 2 flextone 3's, line 6 rules!
-prslegacy | 3/4/2004
I work as Stage Security at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. I get to see a lot of who's playing what. I talked to Keith's guitar tech last month when he was their w/kenny chesney. He should me his guitars and the one he's playing on this song is a Fender Tele with one single coil EMG pickup in the bridge position and that's all it has in it. It has two more holes for pickups but they are empty. He also played a Gibson SG for a lot of his songs.
-rky3fan | 4/10/2004
Great work... but Keith plays this part, as well as the end of the intro higher up on the guitar at a different octave...


-Beusch21 | 5/11/2004
Great work!! :)
-tobyngarth | 5/17/2004
When I saw Keith Urban at the House of Blues he said something about being another band before doing what he is now, does anyone know what it was called?

-jstapizzle | 6/19/2004
the ranch.
-daryel | 6/20/2004
Has anyone tried to recreate his sound on a gnx processor? I have a gnx1 and I suck at setting it up.
-tstancil | 7/17/2004
What does the simble at the ver start of the song mean 0\D
-kv | 10/9/2004
0/D means to play an open E string and tune down to D while it's ringing. The song is played in dropped D tuning.
-urbanriffs | 10/10/2004
Great stuff Dave...Thought I
would never be able to play it.
Thanks to you...I can!!
-browntrout | 10/28/2004
Hey axehappy, can i talk to you on AIM if you have it or on e-mail if possible... e-mail is and AIM is crashintome1019. i just want to talk to ya reguarding keith urban songs and playing guitar in general, thanks!
-Crashintome1019 | 11/21/2004
Hey axehappy I m a new member and to see some of your tabs and playing them sounded awsome so keep on trucken this is the canadian out
-ericthatcher | 12/5/2004
I saw Keith live on TV and I believe he tuned the low E string from the D back to the E. I don't know for sure so please don't cuss me out!!!!!!!!!!
-pizzaman | 2/3/2005
No he doesn't beacause half the riffs in the song and part of the solo plays on the now D string.
-KU_isbestever | 2/17/2005
-tyson79ca | 2/23/2005
any way to get a soundbyte. would really appriciate it...axe you always do great work.
-WALKER8527 | 3/8/2005
Done.. sorry, I didn't play the slow version at the end all that slow, but it is a little bit slower than the first one :)
-axehappy | 3/9/2005
I have a Gnx1. 4 the red channel i used a decent distortion. 4 the green play around with the acoustic setting and leave the wah the way it is. Just use the wah and thats it no other effects.(dont want it to sound like a bad star wars)
-Derek_Cave99 | 3/22/2005
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!
-joshellispickin | 3/27/2005
Any tips to help me play this faster?

-machman23 | 4/1/2005
Practice, Practice , Practice!!!
-leadam | 4/18/2005
wow........I've always been able play most ofthe songs that i get tabs for,but Keith Urbans solos and leads are really challenging

-Voteforpedro | 6/23/2005
oh yeah,Axe u ROCK!!!
-Voteforpedro | 6/23/2005
can I ask what u mean by "Play aggressivly"
-Voteforpedro | 6/23/2005
Yeah, by 'play aggressively' I mean don't be scared to make a noise... hit the strings with some force, really chop at them.
-axehappy | 6/23/2005
......ok.....i get it now
-Voteforpedro | 6/25/2005
Anyone know the mandolin Chord Formations??
-Flashgore | 7/19/2005
Wow!! This is a great as a whole infact! I luv all these KU tabs. He is soo freakin fast though, I've tried some of the other ones, Clutterbilly for example, let's say I still need lotsa practice..hehe thx for this one too, I was wondering what it was he was doin' in the beginning (I mean tuning something obviously but wasn't sure exactly what), so now it's makin since. Also I was playin around in the intro part and came up w/ some cool stuff on my own even though it may not be exactly what he plays lol I like it. ;)

Oh yeah just wondering also, I know a lot of you are guys..but any girls here too besides me? :)
-dolphin303 | 11/30/2005
hehe im a girl :) i LUV KU he rox! i luv guitar too :) lol
-stringdude101 | 2/5/2006
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