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Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me (2) (Chord)
Album: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (2006)
Submitter: axehappy (32) on 11/3/02 65 comments
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Keith Urban  -  You'll Think Of Me

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

b>Play this with capo on 2nd fret./b>

G  D  Em  C  

Em                                  C
 I woke up early this morning around 4am,
         G                                  Dadd9
With the moon shining bright as headlights on the interstate.
Em                                    C
 I pulled the covers over my head and tried to catch some sleep,
    G                               D
But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake.
Am                                Em
 Ever since you found yourself in someone else's arms,
I've been tryin' my best to get along.

But that's OK,

There's nothing left to say, but:

G                             D
 Take your records, take your freedom,
Take your memories I don't need 'em.
Take your space and take your reasons,

But you'll think of me.
G                                D
 And take your cat and leave my sweater,
'Cause we have nothing left to weather.
In fact, I'll feel a whole lot better,
                        G                  D  
But you'll think of me, you'll think of me.

Em                             C
 I went out driving trying to clear my head,
           G                               D
I tried to sweep out all the ruins that my emotions left.
Em                                C
 I guess I'm feeling just a little tired of this,
    G                             D
And all the baggage that seems to still exist.
Am                                 Em
 It seems the only blessing I have left to my name,
Is not knowing what we could of been,

What we should've been, so:

G                             D
 Take your records, take your freedom,
Take your memories I don't need 'em.
Take your space and take your reasons,

But you'll think of me.
G                                D
 And take your cat and leave my sweater,
'Cause we have nothing left to weather.
In fact, I'll feel a whole lot better,
But you'll think of me.

     Am7                            Em
Some day, I'm gonna run across your mind,
Don't worry, I'll be fine,
I'm gonna be alright.
While your sleeping with your pride,
Wishing I could hold you tight.
I'll be over you,
And on with my life.

G                                D
 So take your records, take your freedom,
Take your memories I don't need 'em.
Take your space and take your reasons,

But you'll think of me.
G                                D
 And take your cat and leave my sweater,
'Cause we have nothing left to weather.
              C                G
In fact, I'll feel a whole lot better,
But you'll think of me.
G                                D
 So take your records, take your freedom,
Take your memories I don't need 'em.
Take your space and take your reasons,

But you'll think of me.
G                                D
 And take your cat and leave my sweater,
'Cause we have nothing left to weather.
In fact, I'll feel a whole lot better,
But you'll think of me.
G                  Dadd9  Em
You'll think of me.
               Cadd9     G  D
And your gonna think of me.
   Em                C  G  D  Em  C  G  D  Em  C  G  D  Em  C  G  D  Em  Cadd9
Oh someday baby, someday. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I was wondering if you had the picking pattern for this song..
I love this song but i can't figure out the picking pattern
-Chimp83 | 9/15/2003
Same thing here... I love the song but I can't seem to figure out the
pattern. Any suggestions?
-Beamer | 10/20/2003
same thing here--anyone get that picking pattern yet?
-cmd296 | 11/5/2003
Is this for an acoustic or an electric guitar?
-amk_15_1 | 1/13/2004
Great Job
-joshellispickin | 1/15/2004
leave it up to axehappy to make one hell of a tab, great job man!
-simposon420 | 2/6/2004
I've already tabbed Desiree .. you can find
it under Ranch , which was Keith's band when
he done that song. :)
-axehappy | 2/12/2004
aint that Dadd9 a Dsus2???
-Redneck07 | 2/12/2004
Same thing bud.. :) .. just a different name
for it.. ;-)
-axehappy | 2/13/2004
This is an outstanding tab!! Sounds great!
-petunia | 2/14/2004
Ohh ok i got it
-Redneck07 | 2/15/2004
Axehappy-an absolutely great tab. But you messed up a little on the
last chorus the space and reasons part doesnt come in right away

-nickv4 | 2/16/2004
Nice, easy tab. Great job! Thanks a lot!
-phil4822 | 3/8/2004
picking part ?
-winsblew | 3/29/2004
Did anyone catch the concert on cmt and see what the picking pattern
was and also the part he added in at the end.

-steve12rl | 3/29/2004
great job! but whats the picking pattern.
-travis19 | 3/30/2004
Someone please give me the correct picking pattern for this song.
it's a great tab but I just don't think I am Picking it right

-jfoust | 4/9/2004
A+++++++++ ! Great Job

-NIKIPUTZ | 4/14/2004
Hey, great job on this tab... I do need the picking part though.Thanks!
-chrismphillips | 4/15/2004
All the chords are right. If u want the pickin pattern for the intro
look at jdomary's tab, its right. you can base all the chords on the
verse on that pickin patten

-ZSLucas | 4/18/2004

-gentlesweetnes | 4/20/2004
For those of you wanting the picking pattern, refer to jdomary's
tab. It's the only correct one. It gives the intro and the rest is
just a slight variation of that. Good luck.

-urbanriffs | 4/20/2004
im not sure but i listened to the song and it sounded more like
"Take your cap and leave my sweater"
not sure on that some sites have cat and others have cap
-bluegrasstabs | 4/20/2004
I reckon its probably cap.. lol.. my girl
still laughs at me for putting 'cat' in
there ... :-)
-axehappy | 4/21/2004
hey man you did an awesome job. My girlfriend broke up with me and
she loves this song so i wanted to learn it to maybe win her back.
Thank you so much for this great tab.

-blugrass fan | 4/22/2004
great song, keep up the good work
-geeetar | 4/22/2004
Hey axe, according to the official lyrics in the CD insert of Golden
Road, it is "take your cat" after all.

-urbanriffs | 4/22/2004
Thanks urbanriffs.. I'll take that comment
back then, and tell my girlfriend where to
shove her 'cap'.. lol..
-axehappy | 4/23/2004
Really apperciate the tab bud. Don't worry about the cat...he
says "cat n' leave my sweater" at least you didn't say "Take your
cotton leave my sweater"...*tiphat

-BZbodyboarder84 | 5/2/2004
RE: comments by Chimp83 et al.....I recently saw Keith do this number
in concert, acoustic guitar solo. He does the guitar part using
flatpick only... a REALLY fast crosspick! I get the same effect using
a travis picking pattern wearing thumbpick.But I was dazzled by
Keith's guitar work on this one!

-texlester | 5/10/2004
This tab makes me sound so much like Keith that I'm starting to sound
Ausralian when I talk now. Good Job. Give yourself a raise.
-Reedad | 5/26/2004
Can anyone tell me the rhythem to this song? I'm a newb and I can't
seem to strum it properly.
-Farmer759 | 6/1/2004
Nice tab Axe. As for you people
that are going on about the picking
pattern just listen to the cd and
feel it out... figure out the bass line
and then the picking will come. Hey
Axe travs new album is underway so
you will have some more work to do!!
Keep it safe - Jake
-wrangler_man | 6/4/2004
that D should have the low E string held down at the 2nd fret to make
the proper chord. I don't know the chords name, but i think it is a
-micah87 | 6/15/2004
I have been desprately trying to learn this song and i just can't get
the picking pattern. If anyone at all could email me the tab to this
song, you have no idea how grateful I would be! By the ay axehappy,
you seem to be the guy to do tabs! Especially for Keith!
-ImaCrocFreak | 7/14/2004
Well Mr. Tabman, why Don't you tell us
what it is then.
-dueteronomy | 8/31/2004
on the bridge isnt there a C stuck in on the line "someday im gonna
run across your mind"
-KU_isbestever | 8/31/2004
pssst, i think some people are looking for the picking pattern to
this song, lol
-canadian_cowboy | 9/3/2004
yea i know i am. i cant seem to get it right. culd some one please
help me out?
-mustangracer327 | 9/4/2004
Hello everyone, I'm a big-time novice and only monkeys with the
guitar. I can't read music nor do I know how to read the tabs
(strings) listed at the top. I just know what a picture of the
chord "G,Em,C,D" position looks like on my guitar. I don't have the
gift of listening to a chord or a string, like some of you, and know
how to ID it either.

This is my favorite acoustic song played by Keith Urban from his
Golden Road album - especially the CMT-Daytona beach version. I've
been playing it to Kevin Delany's transcribed chords on this song
from I was just checking to see what other's
interpretation of the same song is like.

I'm going to take a stab at the picking based on the CMT-Daytona
concert. So, forgive me if I don't use the correct terms ...

In relations to the strings where 6 is the top string and 1 is the
bottom string:

6, (4, 3, 2,)( 3, 1,) (2, 3,) (2, 4)

I'm probably wrong and missing some strings, but it's all that I
could see. I'd like to look into taking some lessons so that I won't
be so guitar illiterate. :)
-AustinTXMusicFa | 9/10/2004
great tab!
-Ephus81 | 9/22/2004
i have figured out the picking pattern u jus gotta listen real close
to it and block everything else out. Great tab axe
-guitarplayar | 10/12/2004
does anybody have what he says at the end of the song live he says
more than on the cd
-HARDT0303 | 10/13/2004
axe made a silly good tab for a great song
-outlaw2269 | 10/14/2004
hey this is really good hey axehapy...youve done a really great job
on this song, nice easy chords...well done!!
-brodieclark15 | 10/18/2004
Well, this is how I pick it:


Do it as a moderately fast pace, and (to me) it sounds pretty close to the song. I prefer strumming it, though.
-IndyAntilles | 11/4/2004
to end the dispute about the whole cat/cap thing, cap is just totally stupid. your girlfriend is gonna have to just take her dumb @$$ cat and get out who cares if she takes her figgin' cap.
-gow131s | 12/4/2004
Hey fellas, I watched the CMT concert again the other night, the picking pattern seemed to me to be top three strings of each chord one at a time from top to bottom, then bottom string up to 3 string one at a time over and over til chord switch but i like to finger pick it and throw in an occasional base note. the last part is the same as the intro but i think it sounds betterstrummed there. gimme a shout back and ill see if i can fine tune it if you'd like im just playin what sounds right to me and what the pattern looked like on the live show, may not be perfect but i like it. let me know wat u think.
-cujodakillah | 1/2/2005
oh and by the way axe, great tab man sounds beautiful you did one hell of a job on it.
-cujodakillah | 1/2/2005
Hi all, For those of you asking about the picking pattern... I think someone already said "Just listen to the music and block out everything except the guitar" That is the best way to do it...if you cant feel it your not going to beable to play it. But then again I've only been playing for around 22 years now. Great Job on the song Axe..
-tknight1970 | 2/5/2005
i would also LOVE a picking pattern for this song it would make this a heck of alot easier im only a novice player thx!!! my email is if you have the tab! =)
-smallismalls | 3/2/2005
Why tell your exgirlfriend to take her cat? Just leave it outside on a freezing night to die. That will show that lying $lut who is boss. Am I right or what?
-gilfat | 3/11/2005
fantastic job!!!!
-peaceallover | 5/2/2005
hardt0303 i have lyrics for the end of live version put your EM adress ill check back later.
-peaceallover | 5/2/2005
hey smart one its cotton not cat

-ian0404 | 5/26/2005
it is cat
-machman23 | 6/28/2005
would someone please send me axe's e-mail address. i can't view it with the membership i have. here is my e-mail so you can send it to me. it would be great.
-sasjrocket | 7/9/2005
its CAP... he says to take her cap and leave his sweater, because they have nothing left to weather... its a play on words... they traded warm things... i dont forsee him using her dagoe cat to keep him warm
-k4n15 | 7/13/2005
This is one of the better tabs I have seen. One day I will have all the originals. But seems to me you hit it right on the nose.
-punkydo9 | 7/22/2005
the tabs were awesome dude... chicks dig it... tell them people worryin about the lyrics to shut the hell up.. u tabbed it out u can sing it how u want to brother.. right on
-tlegg | 8/3/2005
great job dude, i really like it
-lorenhamm | 8/3/2005
Great tab, thanks a bunch. During the chorus, I hear a pull of the Cadd9 to a C during the 3rd verse. I play it that way and it adds to the feel of the song. Not saying it's right, but try it and see what you think. Again, thanks and great job.
-usg0082 | 8/25/2005
great tab, I can kinda understand why someone could confuse cap with cat (although cap really makes no sense, who cares if she leaves her cap) but cotton? man, you must have english can't be your primary language! or you are from mars! a play on words? gee, you must be really deep
-rhightower | 9/3/2005
It really is "cat". I was shocked too. I've heard him play it live from up close..and also on his DVD, it's definitely cat. This song has soooo much emotion, especially when played live (check on the dvd). I think Keith wrote this about a real relationship of his...probably one where the chick left her cat at his place...haa
-pjharris | 1/15/2006
Man whats up with people and the picking pattern! Just listen to the song on Sessions@Aol and figure it out! But in relation to the intro to the sessions song Who knows the tabs cause I cant figure them out email them to me at Fender17guy@yahoo. Oh and by the way good could have them more specific though for the wanna be guitarists on this site.
-fender17guy | 1/27/2006
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