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Kenny Chesney - Anything But Mine (capo) (Chord)
Album: When The Sun Goes DOwn (2003)
Submitter: ermapoop (3) on 2/26/04 8 comments
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Kenny Chesney - Anything But Mine
Capo: 2nd fret

D  G  D  G

D                                G
Walkin' along beneath the lights of that miracle mile,
        D                           G
Me and Mary makin' our way into the night,
You can hear the cries from the carnival rides
The pinball bells and the ski ball slides,
D                                         G
Watchin the summer sun fall out of sight

A                                 G
There's a warm wind comin' in, from off of the ocean 
            D                                     G
Makin' it's way past the hotel walls to fill the street,
D                           G
Mary is holdin' both of her shoes in her hand
          D                 A                D
Said she likes to feel the sand beneath her feet,

             D                           G
And in them mornin' I'm leavin' makin my way back to Cleveland,
     D                                   G
So tonight I hope, that I will do just fine,
    D                          G
And I don't see, how you could ever be, 
D     A         D
 anything but mine,

(verse chords)
There's a local band playin' at the seaside pavillion
And I got just enough cash to get us in
And as we are dancin' Mary's wrappin her arms around me
And I can feel the sting of summer on my skin

(bridge chords)
In the midst of the music, I tell her I love her
We both laugh, cause we know it isn't true
Oh, but Mary there's a summer drawin' to an end tonight
And there's so much that I long to do to you


D  G  D  A (2x)

     D                          G
Mary I don't see, how you could ever be
D     A        D
 anything but mine

D  G  D  A (fade out)


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
great song
-PIKE27fig | 12/1/2004
I think that the first line is "Walking alone beneath the lights of that miracle mile."
-dslaton | 12/9/2004
Correction on my previous comment, it is along instead of alone. My bad.
-dslaton | 12/9/2004
hey thanks for the correction
-ermapoop | 12/10/2004
110% correct,great song by my friend kenny chesney.

-ronbo | 1/9/2005
how does the picking pattern go at the start?
-murph_2121 | 3/18/2005
Sounds great! dB
-musicmixstudio2 | 11/8/2005
murph...the picking pattern is a four count roll if that helps you any
-MichaelTodd | 1/23/2006
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